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Citycoco scooter Espana Kirest mayorista movilidad urbana Venta al por mayor de scooter...

Lunes 08 agosto 2022

Hola, Somos la empresa KIREST - especialistas en comercio mayorista de movilidad urbana. Vendemos al por mayor y semi-al por mayor todos los productos de movilidad urbana, a saber, hoverboard, Segway, monowheel monowheel, scooter eléctrico, automóvil eléctrico. Encontrará todas nuestras...


  • 75005 - PARIS
  • 09 72 63 51 58
China 210000 Construcción
China road sweeper manufacturer

Lunes 08 agosto 2022

Model: MN-S2000 Sanitation Sweeper Core Technology: CN2011127579Y Side brush automatic lifting technology CN202323842U Tipping vacuum tank equipment technology Patent: CN102363952A Multi-straw vacuum processing technology Color can be customized. Marking color: blue ...

Nantong Mingnuo Machinery Tools Co., Ltd.

  • 210000 - Jiangsu
  • 0086 13505176316
China 201802 Varios / Descuento
Metal Halide Lamps

Sábado 06 agosto 2022

We are a Chinese manufacturer and exporter in the field of metal halide lamps since 2010. Features 1. Using imported inner container. 2. High luminous efficiency, good performance of color rendering, long life. 3. High color rendering index, nearly daylight color energy saving new light source...

Shanghai JR Lighting Co.,Ltd

  • 201802 - Shanghai
  • +86 21 62507355
China 518172 Bienes de equipo
Foto no disponible

Viernes 05 agosto 2022

Cantidad : 1 - Precio : 350,00 €

Model: handheld POS machine Linux system for urban bus transportation management Dimensions: 200*151*61.5mm Material: engineering plastics, anti-static electricity coating design, be protected from high-frequency interference Display: 3.5-inch LCD display, 320x240 Operating system: Linux 2...

Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Co.,Ltd

  • buscard
  • 518172 - Shenzhen,Guangdong
  • +8613662258706
Francia 519070 Informática
SF6 Gas 11KV Load Break Switch

Martes 02 agosto 2022

Precio : 2300-6000

The load break switch 11kv is suitable for the distribution network with the highest voltage 11kV, the rated current 630A, and the rated frequency 50/60Hz, which can break off and close the load current and overload current in the power system. The load break switch 11kv is equipped...

Zhuhai Gopower Smart Grid Co; LTD

  • 519070 - zhuhai
  • 0756 6102222
Francia 29000 Deporte
Cubierta de sillín de bicicleta

Jueves 28 julio 2022

Cantidad : 478 - Precio : 1.50€

Una funda de asiento acolchada y resistente al agua para el sillín de bicicleta, que le permite protegerse cómodamente de una silla de montar mojada. El ideal para la mujer activa y urbana. _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ___ Cantidad mínima...


  • MoonRide
  • 29000 - Quimper
  • 02 29 20 57 29
  • 06 63 64 62 33
Francia 29000 Deporte
GO CITY multi herramientas

Jueves 28 julio 2022

Cantidad : 900 - Precio : 1.50€

Una multiherramienta de bolsillo, liviana y compacta para reparar tu bicicleta y llevarla a todas partes. Eficaz también para scooters, rodillos y otros. Indicación de los tamaños de las herramientas en los diversos consejos para una rápida identificación. Para el hombre o la mujer...


  • MoonRide
  • 29000 - Quimper
  • 02 29 20 57 29
  • 06 63 64 62 33
Francia 34880 Varios / Descuento
Trole isotermo para comercio ambulante

Miércoles 27 julio 2022

Conviene el comercio sobre playa, festival, así como en ambiente urbano. Fabricación a medida según sus necesidades. ¡ Nuestros troles ambulantes isotermos! La solución llave en mano para lanzar su propia actividad o extender su paleta de servicios. Ideal para vender bebidas fraiches...


  • 34880 - LAVERUNE
  • 04 67 42 58 86
  • 06 68 74 22 44
China 473000 Vehiculos
Garri Processing Machinery

Viernes 22 julio 2022

Cassava Garri(Gari) Process Description and Flowchart: Garri is a fermented and gelatinized dry coarse flour, very popular in West Africa and a staple food in Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, and Togo. Its ability to store well and its acceptance as a "convenience food" is responsible for...

Nanyang Goodway Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd.

  • 473000 - FangCheng County
  • +86 377 67456228
China 313100 Muebles
TNG Series

Miércoles 20 julio 2022

General Purpose GEL Battery The TNG storage gel battery integrates patent nano gel electrolyte with up-to-date AGM structure. This type of lead-acid cell offers over 12 years of design life with very high deep cycling capability. Thus, this gel deep cycle battery series is highly...

Tianneng battery Co.,LTD

  • 313100 - Huzhou
  • 0572 6058015
China 313100 Muebles
TNC Series

Miércoles 20 julio 2022

Lead Carbon (Pb-C) Battery The TNC series of wind energy batteries adopt the newest lead-carbon technology which adds carbon material into the negative electrode to slow down the sulfation. The carbon enhanced lead acid battery provides not only high energy density but also high power...

Tianneng battery Co.,LTD

  • 313100 - Huzhou
  • 0572 6058015
China 310003 Ropa
Ski Jacket

Miércoles 20 julio 2022

Cantidad : 600000pcs/ - Precio : US$1.00-US$50.00

The custom ski jacket proves to be a head-turner on the slopes with its innovative coating of resin-rich fibers. The highly reflective look with camouflage design creates an urban character, which is emphasised by the modern puffer style with striking zips. The wide stand-up collar...


  • 310003 - Zhejiang
  • 86 571 85087315
China 213300 Construcción
HDPE Pipe Extrusion Machine

Viernes 15 julio 2022

HDPE extrusion machine production line adopts the most advanced technology of Europe, It is a new research achievement of energy-saving production line, which is suitable for high-speed extrusion of HDPE, PP, and other polyolefin pipe. compared with cornmon production line, the...

JWELL Extrusion Machinery Co., Ltd

  • 213300 - Jiangsu
  • 86 0519 87878918
Foto no disponible

Miércoles 13 julio 2022

Precio : 1,00 €

Nous sommes une société de communication basé en tunisie nous vous aidons à developper votre site marchant , de faire le design de votre packaging produit , des affiches urbains surtout pour le spays africains. Ubicación : 20 rue Abou Motraf el Wafed, 1074 tunis, Persona a contactar ...

ste AMA

  • bait
  • 1074 - tunis
  • +21 6 26 68 39 49
  • +21 6 97 38 02 88
China 214151 Bienes de equipo
PE pipe Welding Machine

Miércoles 29 junio 2022

Cantidad : 50 set/one - Precio : 800usd~200000usd

PE pipe is a kind of high crystallinity, non-polar thermoplastic resin. PE has excellent resistance to most domestic and industrial chemicals. Due to its unique advantages, polyethylene (PE) pipe is widely used in building water supply, building drainage, underground drainage pipe...

Wuxi Plaswelding machinery Co.,Ltd

  • 214151 - Jiangsu
  • 0510 85183989
China 214151 Bienes de equipo
PPR Pipe Welding Machine

Miércoles 29 junio 2022

Cantidad : 50 set/one - Precio : 800usd~200000usd

Compared with the traditional cast iron pipe, galvanized steel pipe, cement pipe and other , PPR pipe has the advantages of saving energy and saving materials, environmental protection, lightweight and high strength, corrosion resistance, a smooth inner wall without scaling, simple...

Wuxi Plaswelding machinery Co.,Ltd

  • 214151 - Jiangsu
  • 0510 85183989
China 050000 Varios / Descuento
Equal Tee Black Paint Seamless Buttweld

Jueves 23 junio 2022

Cantidad : 1000000 pc - Precio : USD0.5-USD3000.0

The Equal-diameter Tee is a kind of Tee, and the diameter of the three pipe ends is equal. Equal Tee is widely used in the construction and maintenance of projects in the petrochemical, petroleum and natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, fertilizer, power plants, nuclear power, shipbuilding...

China 322000 B2B Servicios
BBQ Grill and Accessories

Jueves 23 junio 2022

Precio : different products o

On weekends and holidays, BBBQ is closely related to our social gatherings. The grilling party in the backyard is a comforting relief from the hustle and bustle of urban life. GOODSELLER provides barbecue grills and tools of various sizes and styles. There are portable types that can save space...

Good Seller Co., Ltd

  • 322000 - Yiwu
  • 0579 89895800
China 266300 Bienes de equipo
Perforating Machine For Corrugated Pipe

Jueves 16 junio 2022

The pvc pipe perforating machine for the corrugated pipe is the equipment to punch bellows. The position, method and size of the punch are designed according to customer requirements. Bellows punching machine for punching, to solve the manual punching is difficult to ensure the position...

Qingdao Kailite plastic machinery Co., Ltd

  • 266300 - Jiaozhou
  • 0532 85213196
China 325000 B2B Servicios
Reducing Tee

Martes 14 junio 2022

Product description We are manufacturers, reducing tee suppliers, and exporter of reducing tee, branches diameters are different with the other two main pipe diameters and are called three-way with different diameters. Our reducing tee are widely used in construction and maintenance...


  • 325000 - Zhejiang
  • 86 577 86868069
China 518107 Muebles
Commercial Vertical LED Grow Lights

Martes 14 junio 2022

Agricultural led grow lights for vertical farming is the new trend of indoor farming. In vertical farming, plants will not need sunlight or soil. Green leafy vegetables will be grown on multiple floors using vertical led grow and indoor climate control systems. As one of the greatest...

supreme energy technology inc

  • 518107 - Shenzhen
  • +16 5 04 38 57 59
China 723000 B2B Servicios
Distribution Transformer

Martes 14 junio 2022

Power distribution transformer of our manufacturer is independently designed according to characteristics of the grid in urban and rural of China. Its performance indices are superior over GB/T6451 Specification“Three-phase oil-immersed power transformers technical parameters and requirements”...

Shaanxi Hanzhong Transformer Co., ltd

  • 723000 - Hanzhong
  • 0916 2227206
China 723000 B2B Servicios
Prefabricated Substations

Martes 14 junio 2022

Prefabricated substations, also known as European type substations. Our mobile substation for sale includes HV switch, distribution transformer and LV distribution equipment and base on a wiring diagram to put them into one indoor or outdoor compact power distribution equipment. Contact...

Shaanxi Hanzhong Transformer Co., ltd

  • 723000 - Hanzhong
  • 0916 2227206
China 518000 B2B Servicios

Sábado 11 junio 2022

The gpon vendors provided by Primus IT has three advantages: the first transmission distance is longer, the use of optical fiber transmission, the coverage radius of the access layer can reach 20 kilometres; the second can provide a higher bandwidth, 2.5G downstream / 1.25 upstream...


  • 518000 - Shenzhen
  • 86 0755 25924025
China 310005 B2B Servicios
Gabion Mesh Weaving Machine

Viernes 03 junio 2022

Gabion box machine to produce hexagonal wire mesh, then to fold and connect each other net to complete gabion box mesh machine. The basic working principle of automatic gabion mesh hydraulic press machine is horizontal wire netting and interlacing with vertical wire. Gabion machine...


China 213000 B2B Servicios
M6 Solar Cell

Miércoles 01 junio 2022

M6 solar cell MBB P-type double-sided half has high precision, high flatness screen printing, higher welding ability. After parallel resistance test, effectively reducing of heat spot effect, sorting into 15 grades according to each piece, accuracy up to 0.1%±. M6 solar cell through...

Sunrise Energy Co., Ltd

  • 213000 - "No.20 Tongzi River West Road, ZhonglouDevelopment Zone, Changzhou 213023Jiangsu,P.R China"
  • 051981688389
China 518000 Informática
Foto no disponible

Viernes 06 mayo 2022

Cantidad : 50000-2000 - Precio : 0.99usd-500usd

EXC is fully equipped to develop the led controlling hardware and software including EXC-2905T1, EXC-5200, Color DCS, City Cluster Lighting Control System, All the controlling devices are made in EXC. Types of LED Light Controller Controller City Cluster Lighting Control System City...

Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd

  • 518000 - shenzhen
  • 86 755 29412799
China 510700 B2B Servicios
Adjustable bracket LED street light(SLH6)

Miércoles 27 abril 2022

The AN-SLH6 series adopts the LED modular design, which can adjust the power flexibly by adding or reducing modules. The light sensor connector is reserved in the power supply box of the lamp. After connecting the special light sensor for LED street lamp, this kind of LED road lamp...

Guangzhou Anern Energy Technology Co., Ltd

  • 510700 - Guangzhou
  • 860 20 89269660
China 321200 Varios / Descuento
Professional Quality Achieving Cast Quality Brand

Viernes 22 abril 2022

Cantidad : 2 million - Precio : 0.1-6

TGSI Tactile Walking Surface Indicators Tactile stair indicator are a standardized walking surfaces that help visually ipmaired people walk through the texture and sound. As one one of the leading tactile indicator manufacturer in China, Xiongchang works to design and manufacture...

Wuyi Xiongchang Hardware Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

  • 321200 - Wuyi ,Jinhua, Zhejiang
  • 0579 87988219
China 523660 Ropa nino
Residential ESS

Martes 19 abril 2022

Applied in family energy storage of wind/solar power generation, especially areas of lack of power, little power, or unstable grid. The electricity generated by wind/solar supply household load, meanwhile the excess electricity is stored in the battery, the electricity in the battery...

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