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Los símbolos se utilizan para facilitar el intercambio de información a la internacional. Usted puede encontrar las definiciones en este glosario de siglas para la importación y exportación de mercancías.

B/L : Bill of Landing
C/I : Certificate of Insurance
C/O : Certificate of Origin
C/P : Charter Party
CAD : Cash Against Documents
CAF : Currency Adjustement Factor
CFR : Cost and Freight
CIF : Cost, Insurance and Freight
CIP : Carriage and Insurance Paid to ..
COD : Cash On Delivery
CPT : Carriage Paid To ...
CSC : Container Service Changes
CT : Combined Transport or Conference Terms
CTB/L : Combined Transport Bill of Landing
D/A : Documents against Acceptance
D/D : Door to Door
D/O : Delivery Order
D/P : Documents against Payment
DAF : Delivered At Frontier
DDP : Delivered Duty Paid
DDU : Delivered Duty Unpaid
DEQ : Delivered Ex Quay
DES : Delivered Ex Ship
DFR : Data Freight Receipt
DG : Dangerous Goods
EDI : Electronic Data Interchange
EDIFACT : Electronic Data Interchange Standard For Administraction, Commerce and Transport
EXW : Ex Works
FAC : Forwarding Agent\'s Commission
FAS : Free Alongside Ship
FBL : FIATA Bill of Lading
FCR : Receipt Forwarders Certificate of Transport
FI : Free In
FIFO : First In and Out
FIO : Free In and Out
FIOS : Free In and Out Stowed
FMC : Federal Maritime Conference
FO : Free Out
FOB : Free on Board
FWR : FIATA Warehouse Receipt
GW : Gross Weight
HAWB : House Air WayBill
HB/L : House Bill of Lading
IATA : International Air Transport Association
ICC : International Chamber of Commerce
IFF : Institute of Freight Forwarders
ISO : International Standardization Organisation
JIT : Just In Time
LCL : Less than a Container Load
LIFO : Last In, First Out
LTL : Less than a Truck Load
MAWB : Master Air WayBill
MB/L : Master Bill of Lading
MT : Metric Ton
MTD : Multimodal Transport Document
NP : Named Port
NVD : No Value Declared
NVOCC : Non Vessel Operator Common Carrier
NW : Net Weight
PTR : Poids Total Roulant
Ro-Ro : Roll on/Roll off
SWB : Sea WayBill
SWIFT : Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecomunication
T/T : Transit Time
TBL : Througt Bill of Lading
TEU : Twenty Equivalent Unit
THC : Terminal Handling Charges
THD : Terminal Handling Discharges
THL : Terminal Handling Loading
UCP : Uniform Customs and Practice
ULD : Unit Load Device
VAT : Value Added Tax
Ves : Vessel
W/B : WayBill
W/W : Warehouse Warrant