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LED Intelligent Taxi Top Display

Viernes 05 enero 2024

Top of car advertising is mainly installed on the taxi, private cars, or buses, working as a terminal display. Small space occupation, good practical performance, group control, program release, accurate media information, fast update, improved advertising efficiency, data analysis...


  • 518100 - Shenzhen
  • +18 9 51 32 03 36
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Edible Oil Filter Paper

Martes 07 noviembre 2023

Cooking or frying oil in restaurants or commercial kitchens and edible oil in food processing factories are vital to ensure high quality fried food. Replacing the oil in all your fryers to keep it fresh is expensive and can be a major contributor to your costs. So that proper care...

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Heavy Hex Nuts

Jueves 29 junio 2023

DATIAN (DT) Fastener is famous for producing quality heavy hex nuts. We, a professional heavy hex nuts factory, have a in house full line heat treatment machine used to improve the hardness and mechanical properties of heavy hexagonal nuts in order to serve different high requirement areas...

  • dtnut
  • 315205 - IULONGHU
  • 0574 86537069
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Methods and Common Knowledge of Ordinary Culture Medium

Jueves 17 marzo 2022

Ordinary media in microbiology: a kind of artificial preparation, suitable for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms or the production of metabolites, or for other mixed nutrients. Characteristics: any culture medium should have the six nutrient elements needed by microorganisms...

Elex Biological Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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  • +86 021 59868187
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10. Vmas Filtech (shenzhen) Co.,Ltd - Vmas Filtech (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a professional industrial filter material companies, specializes in coarse, medium and high efficiency filter material, which include air, liquid filtration media, HEPA/ULPA efficiency air filtration materials, high temperature filter material, a special liquid filtration materials, as many as 100 kinds medias, and provide technical service to our customers...

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