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Higiene / salud

2015 newest high intensity focused ultrasound hifu


An advancing new high-intensity focused ultrasound technology designed instrument ,change th e

traditional face lift wrinkle newest surgery ,non-surgical wrinkle technology, the instrumen t will

release highly concentrated focus sonic energy can penetrated into the deep SMAS fascia skin

tissue and coagulation of high heat in proper position,the deep dermis to stimulate the skin to

produce more collagen and thus to tighten the skin ,so the skin becomes firmer.

Working theory of the HIFU

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) directly delivers heat energy to skin and subcutane ous

tissue that can stimulate and renew the skin's collagen and thus consequently improving the texture and reducing sagging of the skin. It literally achieves the results of a facelift or a body lifts without any invasive surgery or injections, moreover, an added bonus of this procedure is that there is no downtime. This technique can be applied to the face as well as the whole body, and also, it works equally well for people of all skin colours, in contrast to that of lasers and the intense p ulse lights

Features of the HIFU

1. Turely face lift treatment, achieve the amazing effects likes face lift surgery in Plastic surgery


2. Quick & short treatment time : 30 MINS one face treatment

3. SMAS contraction : collagen remodeling , elastine fiber contraction

4. None downtime : skin just become red within the first several hours , then skin recover .

5. Instant result will be checked from the second month to the nine month , good result will

last 2-3 years

6. Totally non-invasive

Comparison with RF and Laser

Layered energy emission transmission :

1: DS-4.5D 4MHz frequency used to transmitter high-energy focused ultrasound to the skin, subcutaneous tissue, the ultrasound to penetrate to the skin to a deep of 0.45mm,direct to subcutaneous SMAS layer, forming “heat coagulation”regional, targeted to thick skin,such check,etc..

2: DS-4.55 7MHz frequencies used to transmitter high-energy focus ultrasound to the skin, subcutaneous, the ultrasound to penetrated the skin to a depth of 0.45mm, direct to subcutaneous SMAS layer, targeted to thinner skin ,such as the forehead, chin and neck.

3: DS-3.0 for transmitting high frequency of 8MHz focus ultrasound energy to the dermis layer of the

skin tissue, the ultrasound to penetrate the skin to a depth of 3.0mm, is responsible for activating the skin's Latestl layer of collagen, effectively enhance the effect of the consolidation of the outline, but also improve large pores and reduce the appearance of wrinkle.

4: DS-1.5 10MHz frequency used to transmitter high-energy focused ultrasound to the epidermis tissue, the ultrasound to penetrate the skin to a depth of 1.5mm, is responsible to activating the skin epidermis in thinner tissue.

Strong Points of the HIFU

Superficial ,deel dermis and SMAS(Superficail Muscular Aponeurotic System).

Trbeautye layer lifting effect system

High peak power ,Shortening procedure time.

Patients' high satisfaction

High quality,low consumables

More accurate procedure due to Exact Focusing Technology.


Before & After

Amazing effect!!

Ubicación : 303Floor, No.15 Building, No.113, the south of Huadi Avenue, Liwan District Guangzhou, 510385 Guangdong,
Persona a contactar : chuangfeng chen, 86 20 81495407

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2015 newest high intensity focused ultrasound hifu

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