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AlN-SF Aluminum Nitride Powder Series

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Aluminum Nitride (AlN) is a ceramic material possessing outstanding properties such ashigh thermal conductivity, high electrical resistance. In addition, it is also talented with many advantages such as high hardness, corrosion resistant and low dielectric loss, low CTE. It is widely used in the semiconductor, electronics, electrical and other industries.

ALN-SFis equippedwithsurface treatment process to have coupling enhancement effect with organic matrix and also moisture resistantce improvement.

AlN-SF Aluminum Nitride Powder Series

AlN-SF aluminum nitride powder series is the grade withsurface modificationcan enhance coupling effectwith organic matrix. Meanwhile, the surface modification also improves moisture resistanceof AlN powders. Customized size distribution for specific applications is welcomed.

ALN-SF Applications:

• Aluminum nitride substrate

• MCPCB thermal filler

• Epoxy molding compound (EMC) additives

• Thermal paste / Thermal plastic

• TIM, Thermal interface materials

• Microwave Components

• Other thermal management solutions

ALN-SF powder Features:

• Sharp size distribution

• Good dispersion

• Low metal impurities

• Low oxygen contents

• Low CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion)

• Surface Treatment (AlN-SF model )

• Diversity selection in size ( 2 um - 20 um )

• Custom size option available

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AlN-SF Aluminum Nitride Powder Series

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