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Aluminum Nitride Powder Series

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GlobalTop-Materialshas been specializing forthe highest in technology and the best in qualitywithin the leading professional ALN (Aluminum Nitride powder) production series in Taiwan.

The Applied Materials Business Unitof GlobalTop Technology has been presenting the newest technology & machinery with continuous production line of ALN powder synthesis process which capacity is capable of weekly tonnage quantity.

Currently, we have three main kinds of ALN powder serious (K: 320 w/m.k , single crystal phase; particulate spec: 2 um ~20 um) as below,

AIN-BF: a standard grade without surface modification for general applications.

AIN-AF: the grade with high purity and without surface modification for special application which low iron content is required.

AIN-SF: the grade withsurface modification can enhance coupling effect with organic matrixand also improves moisture resistance of AlN powders.

Above all, all possessing outstanding properties such ashigh thermal conductivity, high electrical resistance. In addition, They are talented with many advantages such as high hardness, corrosion resistant and low dielectric loss, low CTE. They are widely used in the semiconductor, electronics, electrical and other industries such as TIM (Thermal grease, pad, tape, PCM) and related thermal management solution( eg Microwave sintered insulator parts, heat sink, Aluminum nitride substrate, MCPCB thermal filler, Epoxy molding compound (EMC) additives etc. ).

Looking forward to having good business relationship with you soon!!

Ubicación : No. 16, Nan-Ke 9th Road, Science-Based Industrial Park, Tainan 741, Taiwan, 741 Tianan,
Persona a contactar : Jacky Huang, +88 6 65 05 12 68

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Aluminum Nitride Powder Series

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