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ASTM A36, it's closely related to life .

ASTM A36 steel is the most widely used structural steel product, a regulated category of steel, structural steel has to meet industry standards for dimensional tolerances and composition. The high buildings ,the huge bridge ,the subway and so on, we can find the existence of the structural steel , ASTM A36 is inseparable with our daily life , and it makes our life more convenient and colorful.
ASTM A36 steel can be manufactured into various structural steel parts. A wide range of structural steel grades is available, with the most popular being ASTM A36. It is vastly used in many different industries for a variety of applications, why choose ASTM A36? It provides good mechanical property and cost less. For example, it is also used in many bridge construction. Buildings are frequently constructed with A36 steel because of its high strength and toughness. Furthermore, ASTM A36 steel is also used in fields of automotive, construction, heavy equipment, and oil and gas industries. We export a large mount of ASTM A36 steels to countries all over the world every year.
Dongguan Otai Special Steel Co Ltd is delicate to make better steel. All of our steels are sourced from famous mills in china. We supply any type of steel, because we have a huge network of partner mills available to us. Combined with the experienced exporting team and professional technical knowledge, Otai Steel offers both technical advice and support, as well as global professional steel solution and service. Welcome to connect with us, every quote will be replied as soon as possible.

Ubicación : 1F, Building B, Sanfang Industrial Area, Xiansha, Gaobu Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, P.R. China, 523000 Dongguan,
Persona a contactar : kamen chan, +8676923190193

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ASTM A36, it’s closely related to life .

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