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Ceramic Membrane

Ceramic membranes (Porous Ceramic Membrane & tubular ceramic membrane) are available for microfiltration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration as single-channel or multiple-channel elements with channel diameters between 2 and 16mm.

Their main characteristics of porous tubular ceramic membrane

Consistent pore size; Very narrow mean pore-size distribution; Long and reliable lifetime; High permeate flux; Greater void area per unit area of filtration surface; High stability to organic media; High-pressure resistance, high-temperature resistance; Rigid with no creep or deformation; Stable over a wide pH range; Membranes bonded to substrate by strong ceramic bonds; Corrosion & abrasion resistant; Insensitive to bacterial action; Can be repeatedly sterilized by steam or chemicals; Ability to backwashed; The possibility of regeneration after fouling; Can process highly viscous fluids; Contact us now for more details about China membrane and the ceramic membrane price!

The principle of porous tubular ceramic membrane

The principle of the ceramic membrane filtration system is based on two opposing effects: on the one hand, the particles are transported by the filtration flux to the membrane where they cause an increase in concentration; on the other hand, concentration differences are again reduced by the turbulence of the cross-flow and by Brownian motion of the particles. Ceramic membrane separation has greatly improved work efficiency and quality.

During filtration by means of ceramic membranes made by JIUWU ceramic membrane manufacturer, the medium to be filtered flows through the channels of the membrane support. All particles whose size exceeds the pore radius of the membrane are retained. The particles /molecules build up in the concentrate. The filtrate permeates through the pores and depending on the procedure is subjected to subsequent process stages. This filtering method is also called "cross-flow filtration" or "dynamic filtration". Cross-flow management can achieve stable fluxes. Still, the cleaning of cross-flow installations needs to be applied from time to time. Cleaning is performed by means of backward flushing or chemical cleaning. There are various ceramic membranes for water treatment in the market, while JIUWU ceramic membranes for wastewater treatment perform very well.

JIUWU HI-TECH has many unique china membrane applications and more than 50 Patents regarding ceramic membranes, systems and process applications, in areas such as Food & Beverage, Bio-Pharm, Environmental and the Chemical Industry. We sincerely invite and welcome people from all around the world to invest and create more values together. Learn more about pilot ceramic membrane and ceramic membrane design here!

Ubicación : No. 9 Yuansi Road, Pukou, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China , 211808 nanjing,
Persona a contactar : Ding Claire, 025 58109595

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Ceramic Membrane

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