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CHINA SINGULAR ZM-3 Concrete Efficient Pumping Aid

Cantidad : 1000000kg   Precio : 1usd/kg

ZM-3 Concrete Efficient Pumping Aid

This product is compounded by water-soluble sulfonated polymers, aldehyde ketone condensation as well as water-holding, plasticity-maintaining and retarding ingredients, which has strong dispersibility on cement particles, can obviously improve workability of concrete and reduce pipe resistance. It is characterized by good plasticity, low retard and air entrainment. It is non-toxic, pollution-free and crystal-free under low temperature without chlorine salt and corrosion effect on reinforcing steel. It is applicable to pumping concrete, commodity concrete and large-volume concrete of various requirements.

I. Property

Liquid agent

1. Appearance: brownish red liquid

2. Specific gravity: 1.15—1.24(under 20℃)

3. Air content: ≤4%

4 PH value: 11-13

5. Active ingredient: ≥ 30%

II. Main technical performance

1. This product satisfies requirements for first-rate products in the Pumping Aid for Concrete JC473—2001.

2. Mixing amount: 1.3-2.5% of the weight of gelled materials, water-reducing rate: 18-25%.

3. Increase lump of concrete by more than 12cm with water-cement ratio unchanged. Concrete with large slump (18-24cm) can be prepared with small slump loss, which is beneficial to long-distance transport.

4. For the convenience of construction, this product has certain retarding effect. According to users' specific requirements, retarding time can be adjusted within 2-10h.

5. Despite the retarding effect, strength rise rapidly after final set. The early strength can be increased by 30-60% and the later strength by more than 20%.

6. Strong adaptability to cement and has delay and peak lowering effects on cement heat of hydration to reduce the internal temperature stress of concrete, it is able to increase cracking resistance of concrete when used for large-volume concrete.

III. Usage

1. Common mixing amount: 1.3-2.5% of the weight of gelled materials, the optimal amount can be determined within the recommended scope according to its adaptability to cement, changes in climate and slump of concrete and other requirements (the special adjustment and preparation shall be conducted for engineering with special requirements). The adaptability with cement shall be tested in advance according to the mixture ratio of concrete before using it.

2. It shall be added with mixing water at the same time (water content shall be deducted from the pumping aid when liquid product is being used).

3. The maintenance code for concrete shall be the same as that for the ordinary concrete.

IV. Package and storage

1. This product is non-ignitable, anti-freezing and pollution-free and ensures safety during transport, storage and usage.

2. This product shall be sealed for waterproofing during storage and there shall be specially-assigned personnel in charge of the tank truck after it has been transported to the site and independent storage container sealed for waterproofing.

3. Shelf life: 2 years.

Ubicación : Tianjing Road Tongshan area, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China, 221000 Xuzhou,Jiangsu,
Persona a contactar : Amy Lee, 0086 180 2059 5192

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CHINA SINGULAR ZM-3 Concrete Efficient Pumping Aid

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