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Chinease Foundry Ductile Iron Manhole Covers for Rainwater

Cantidad : ISO9001:20   Precio : FOBqingdao USD50

Product Description

Chinease Foundry Ductile Iron Manhole Covers/ Manhole Cover

Manhole Cover
Cast iron manhole cover

We can produce all kind of manhole cover with customers' drawing or sampe.
OEM ans ODM are welcomed.

Details of the product:
1.Material & Standard: grey iron,ductile iron,malleable iron,carbon steel,alloy steel(high Manganese steel,high Chromium st eel and others),Stainless steel,Aluminum alloy,Copper alloy;
2.Moulding processing: Green sand,Resin sand,Waterglass sand,Lost wax/Silicon sol or Die casting.
3.Melting facilities: Cupola furnace,medium frequency induction electric furnace or electric arc furnace.
4.Casting Inspection facilities: Direct-reading spectrum instrument,metallographic analysis,magnetic particle inspection,ultra sonic inspection,X-ray inspection,mechanical properties inspection.
5.Heat treatment facilities: Aging oven,Electric furnace,Normalizing,Quenching and Tempering equipments.
6.Surface treatment: Shot blast cleaning,polishing,Chrome plating,Zinc plating,powder coating and others.
7.Machining facilities: CNC centres,NC lathes,NC milling machines,NC boring machines,drilling machines and other comm on machines.
8.Inspection facilities: CNC 3-D inspecton facilities and others.
9.Industrial categories: Tractor,Heavy-duty truck industry,Car industry,Farm machinery,Construction engineering machin e industry,Electricity power industry,Elevator industry,Valve industry,General machine industry and others.
10. Part Unit weight range:
For grey iron casting: up to 15000kgs;
For ductile iron casting: up to 4000kgs;
For high manganese steel casting: up to 5000kgs;
For carbon steel & alloy steel casting: up to 10000kgs;
For Aluminum/copper alloy die casting: from 8g up to 12kgs;
For Investment/lost wax casting: up to 80kgs;
11.Representative product: machine bed,machine table,bearing stand,housing,casing,cover,valve body,pump body,big ring ge ar,big pulley,big sheave,bolster,frame,rear frame,front frame,engine block,mill-ball,hammer,jaw plat e,bucket tooth,front idler,excavator sprocket,link rod,Bucket link rod,barre liner,grate plate,top g rate,open grate,front wall and rack etc.

Item: Drain,Grating,Manhole Cover
Materail: Cast Gray Iron,Ductile Iron
Shape: Round,Square,Rectangle,and Triangle
Process: Drawing-mould making-raw casting-sand blasting-rough machining-surface treatment-product inspection< /span>
Size range 200mm to 1200mm,Weight range 7kgs-154kgs
Surface treatment: Spray coated,Epoxy,Painted,Enamel etc.
Certificate: ISO9001: 2000,SGS
Class: A15,B125,C250,D400,E600,F900

Manhole Cover Workshop: Chinease Foundry Ductile Iron Manhole Covers for Rainwater

Manhole Cover:

Chinease Foundry Ductile Iron Manhole Covers for Rainwater
Qualtiy Control:

Chinease Foundry Ductile Iron Manhole Covers for Rainwater

1. Q: Why choose Shengao product?
A: We shengao have our own plant-- Weifang Shengao machinery Co.,Ltd, therefore, we can surely promise the quality of every product and provide you comparable price.

2. Q: Do you provide OEM Service?
A: Yes, we provide OEM Service.

3. Q: Do you provide customized forging products?
A: Yes. Customers give us drawings and specifications, and we will manufact accordingly.

4. Q: What is your payment term?
A: We provide kinds of payment terms such as L/C, T/T, Paypal, Escrow, etc.

If there's anything I can help, please feel free to contact with me.

Item ductile watertight manhole cover
Size DN100-1000mm
Surface treatment black painted, oil, painting
Shape square, round
Material ductile iron, cast iron, QT500
Heat Treatment can be as your requirement.
Advantages Delivery on time, according to the demand for materials
Packing wooden case or as your requirement.
Delivery within 30 days after receiving last confirm information.

Ubicación : Taihualingyu, Shengli East Street No.4888, Kuiwei District, 261041 Weifang,
Persona a contactar : Wendy Ji, +86 536 8469516

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Chinease Foundry Ductile Iron Manhole Covers for Rainwater

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