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Offer good quality contactor and circuit breaker

Viernes 30 julio 2021

specialized in themanufacturing of ac contactor, dc contactor, molded casecircuit breaker, residual currentcircuit brearker, thermaloverload relay and other electric equipments for low voltage switchgear and switchboards and so on. Name: Mr Action Number: 86-15825441601 wechat: 909596326 Skype...

Xinli Electric Co., Ltd

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F1600 Triplex Piston Mud Pump

Martes 23 junio 2020

Cantidad : 500000tons - Precio : $5-$200000

The pump has features of advanced structure, small volume, reliable operation, easy maintenance. The cylinder is made of alloy steel forgings, and the three cylinders of each pump are interchangeable. The suction valve and discharge valve of F1300 and F1600 are interchangeable. In...


  • 250000 - Jinan,Shandong
  • +86 0531 69959201
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Mud Pump Parts

Sábado 23 mayo 2020

Cantidad : 5000 sets - Precio : Depending on the pro

Looking for mud pump parts suppliers? Dezhou Rundong Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd is major in manufacturing mud pump accessories. Dezhou Rundong Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd is major in manufacturing triplex mud pump parts and drilling tools, in which liners, pistons and valves that...


  • 253000 - Dezhou,Shandong
  • +86 0534 2620016
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Oil drilling mud pump parts

Viernes 11 mayo 2018

Drilling Mud Pump Parts BOMCO Series:F500/F800/F1000/F1300/F1600/F1600 HL/F2200HL。 HH Series:HHF500/HHF800/HHF1000/HHF1300/HHF 1600/HHF2200 Rongsheng Series:RSF500/RSF800/RSF1000/RSF1300/RSF 1600 Qingzhou Series:QZ3NB500、QZ3NB800、QZ3NB1000、QZ3NB 1300A、QZ3NB1600. RG Series: RGF500/RGF800/RGF1000/RGF1...

Ji'nan Kaixiang Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd

  • 250100 - JINAN
  • +86 17862858487
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OEE Emsco F1300 mud pump valve & seat

Sábado 17 agosto 2013

Cantidad : 1 - Precio : 1,00 €

Features an extra wide metal to metal seal on the valve flange. The serrated upper surface on the valve gives a longer non-breathing seal between valve body and positive sealing. The strong, thick valve knock off nut holds the insert tightly reducing flex and breathing which lessens...

Jinan Tianwei Innovation Oilfield Equipment Enterprise(OEE)

  • 250002 - Shandong Province
  • +86 531 67811566
  • +86 15064027011
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Domingo 07 enero 2007

Triplex single action horizontal mud pumps, made suitable for high pressure jet drilling. Long strokes and relatively low pump speed. Essential parts of the pump are made of quality alloy steel. The shell of the pump is made of welded steel, with high rigidity. The lubrication system...

Sichuan Metals Minerals

  • liubin
  • 610041 - Chengdu
  • 0086 28 85265992
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1. Sichuan Metals Minerals - Ceramic lined composite steel tube F1300/1600 mud pump Victaulic flexible/rigid couplings

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