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F1300/1600 mud pump

Triplex single action horizontal mud pumps, made suitable for high pressure jet drilling. Long strokes and relatively low pump speed. Essential parts of the pump are made of quality alloy steel. The shell of the pump is made of welded steel, with high rigidity. The lubrication system is a combination of forced lubrication and splash lubrication. The suction valve and discharge vale are interchangeable, and so are the three hydraulic cylinders and other essential parts of the fluid end. The independent structure of the parts makes replacement repair easy. Detailed specifications are available upon your request. Our factory has specialised in manufacture of mining and drilling machinery for 5 decades. Products are sold to North America, Europe, and Asian Pacific regions.
Ubicación : 7 F, Bldg C, No.6 Hangkong Road, Fund Inter'l Plaza, 610041 Chengdu,
Persona a contactar : Liu Bin, 0086 28 85265992

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F1300/1600 mud pump

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Domingo 02 agosto 2020

Cantidad : one 20 Ft - Precio : From 10000 USD

We propose to All Interested Companies, One 20 Ft Container of Handmade Mixed Goods as : Furniture, Mirror Frames, Objects, Statues, Complements, etc. etc. … All in Hard Solid Wood (Mahogany, Cedar or Teak) in Various Style, Sizes and Models, with Wood Color, Lacquering, Gilding...


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Ceramic Floor Tiles

Martes 10 julio 2018

Cantidad : Minimum Or - Precio : 1,89 €

Ceramic Floor Tiles used in brightening up of distinctive places are offered by us in a range of outlasting colors and shapes. These tiles are perfectly glazed and have magnified polished finish. These ceramic tiles can elegantly cover the floors and light it up in hallucinating colors...

Madhav Export

  • 364001 - Bhavnagar
  • +91 9978989878
  • +91 0278 2201001
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Domingo 31 mayo 2020

Both pigments and dyes are used to color different materials, but the way in which they do it is very, very different. It's all got to do with solubility – the tendency to dissolve in a liquid, especially water. Think for a moment of two glasses of water standing side by side – the...