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DIN 1.2738 ,otaisteel is fully trust by well-known enterprise

Otaisteel is stable and reliable supplier for fortune 500 companies at home and abroad, such as thyssenkrupp, china north industries group corporation limited. Otai exports various tool steel and alloy to more than 30 countries from Europe and American, middle east and asia. Our steel materials meet DIN/ ASTM/EN/JIS ect different international standards.
Din 1.2738 is one of the plastic mold steel. It is designed for plastic mold industry, for medium size moulds and tools with good machinability . Din 1.2738 is already pre-toughened; usually no heat treatment required, so it greatly improves the economic benefits .1.2738 belongs to alloy steel , Nickel, chromium and molybdenium are the alloying elements ,it is highly suitable for Polishing, electrical discharge machining , nitriding , chrome, etching.Also ,, Material 1.2738 can be through nitrogenation and flame hardening treatment in order to increase the hardness and wearability of mould surface. Slow heating to tempering temperature immediately after hardening.
1.2738 mold steel materials are generally used for relatively low temperature applications such as casting dies and injection moulds, synthetic plastic moulds dies, especially for large plastic moulds highly stressed in core. Large cavity plates with deep cavities for items such as bumpers or dashboards, mould frames. Furthermore ,it is suitable for making ps and abs ,transparent plastic mold such as pencil case and daily container class highly stressed luster.
Dongguan Otai Special Steel Co Ltd is A high-technology steel mill in Dongguan, China. We provide high-quality tool steel, Mould Steels, Special Steels made exactly to your specifications. As one comprehensive special steel factory, stockist and exporter. Otai Combined with experienced exporting team and professional technical knowledge, Otai Steel offers both technical advice and support, as well as global professional steel solution and service. Quote is appreciated ,if you are interesting with us ,please send the email anytime ,we are here waiting for your news.

Ubicación : 1F, Building B, Sanfang Industrial Area, Xiansha, Gaobu Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, P.R. China, 523000 Dongguan,
Persona a contactar : kamen chan, +8676923190193

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DIN 1.2738 ,otaisteel is fully trust by well-known enterprise

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