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Dual Axis Solar Sun Tracker for solar sun system

Dual Axis Solar Tracker is a power plant for solar panel,and the solar tracker system can improve the power generation efficiency of solar pv modules.


2 axis solar tracker is a kind of solar sun tracker for solar panels. All solar tracker kits are hot-dip galvanized with 25 years service life.Correction for the sonw removal,generator overloading protection and other system components protection.The automatic solar tracker with high accuracy solar position algorithm, the tracking sensor catches the sun ray automatically without an manual intervention and debugging.With battery installed, the tracking sensor ensures the dat security if only the sytem can be repowered within 5 years after the power off.


1.With specially designed Symmetrical pole-mount structure, the mounting bracket enjoys a better structural stability, anti-wind capacity and finer adaptability to the installation environment without any welding onsite.
2.All structure components are hot-dip galvanized with 25years service life; the torque remains in the optimized position, greatly improving the system efficiency and extending the working life of power system including the mounting structures and motoring machine.
3.System Protection: Automatic resetting against the strong wind with wind sensor, manual or automatic tilt angle correction for the snow removal, generator overloading protection and other system components protection, all these have guaranteed the operation security of the whole system.
4.With high-accuracy solar position algorithm, the tracking sensor catch the sun ray automatically without any manual intervention and debugging; excellent adaptability to the installation environment, the system well operate even in sunless and rainy days; can be reset manually for a better tracking angle.
5.With batteries installed, the tracking sensor ensures the data security if only the system can be repowered within 5years after the power off, operating automatically once being activated; good weatherability, can safely function under the temperature between -40~85 degrees without accumulated errors.
6.Equipped with RS485 communication machine, data information, system setting and working condition can be read from tracking sensor via the software; supporting telecommunication and crowed controlling over machines that were grid-tied.

Project Installation

1.Sub-bases preparing and constructing.
2.Solar pole installation
3.Horizontal slewing motor installation.
4.Sloar panel tracker brackets and components installation: beam installation,pitched slewing motor installation,stringer installation,string supports installation(optional).
5.Wind sensor and sensor brackets(if needed).
6.Solar panel installation.
7.Limit switch installation.


2 axis solar tracker

Technical Parameter

Installation Power Can be customized
Controlling Method Time Control/Light & Time Control/Tilt angle adjustment & Time Control
Tracking Accuracy ≤0.1°
Azimuth angle -120°~120°
Altitude Angle -20°~90°
Working Wind Speed 28m/s
Maximum Wind Resistance 42m/s
Driven power Rotation motor driving
Driven Motor DC: 24V/48V; AC: 220V/380V
System Power AC: 220V/380V
Structural Material Hot-galvanized steel
Protection Level IP65
Operation Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Service/warranty 10years

Ubicación : 17th Floor, Building No.3, Xinglinwan Operation Center, Jimei District, Xiamen City, P. R. China, 361000 Xiamen,
Persona a contactar : Zoe Lee, 0086 592 5211388

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Dual Axis Solar Sun Tracker for solar sun system

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