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Ductile Iron Manhole Covers Sand Casting As Per Requirements

Cantidad : 500 tons/m   Precio : $1000/ton

Ductile Iron Manhole Covers Sand Casting As Per Requirements

1.Casting experience: 10years,OEM service available.
2.Process: Sand Casting, Investment Casting (Precision Casting/Lost-Wax Casting).
3.Production Capacity: Sand Casting 2000 tons per month,Investment Casting 120 tons per month.
4.Certification: ISO 9001

1.Process: Sand Casting, Investment Casting (Precision Casting/Lost-Wax Casting).
2.Casting experience: 10years,OEM service available
3.Surface: Blackening, galvanize, plating,painting,etc.
4.Material: QT, iron, steel
5.Technology: Sand casting
6.Advantages: Delivery on time, according to the demand for materials
7.Packing: Wooden case or as your requirement.
8.Delivery within 20 days after receiving last confirm information.
9.Production Capacity: Sand Casting 2000 tons per month,Investment Casting 120 tons per month.
10.Certification: ISO 9001: 2008.

Ductile Iron Sand Casting Manhole Covers

Scaffold fittings, Template parts, Railway fittings, ring flange , electromagnetic steel cover, pist on, pressure plate, center plate, wear plate, cylinder, impeller, disc etc.

1.Sample or Drawing by customer
2.Tooling proposal&Discussion
3.3D Tooling Design
4.Tooling production
5.Rough parts manufacturer
6.CNC Machining
8.Tooling Measurement&Check
10.Trial Production
12.Final Trial
13.Samples Inspection
14.Sample Approval by customer
15.Tooling Approval
16.Ductile iron sand casting

2)Company Profile:

We mainly undertake the casting parts,machined parts and other products.Our Import and Export Depart ment have many years experiences of foreign trade,products are mainly exported to the United States, Denmark,Italy,Russia,Australia etc.

Characteristics of our manhole cover:

1.Material: Cast gray iron, ductile iron.

2.Shape: Round, square, rectangle and triangle.

3.Diameter: From 200mm to 1200mm.

4.Weight: From 7kg to 154kg or according to customers' requirement

5.Packing: In wooden pallet with plastic layer

6.Annual output: 10,000 tons

7.Coating: Black bitumen or Coating as per customers' requirement

8.Use : Municipal engineering, Traffic, pavement ,electronics,telecommuter, cable, petroleum, chemical indus try, or drainage system and industrial facilities of valve well.

D400 Clear Opening 400mm Casting manhole cover/cast iron manhole cover price
Clear Opening: 390*390mm
Frame size: 490*490mm
Frame depth: 75
Testing Loading: D400
Material: Ductile iron GGG500-7&400-12
Standard : EN124

1.Advantage of our Manhole Covers
1) Can supply all kinds of load class Product such as A15/B125/C250/D400/E600/F900
2) Against theft and safety, double sealed, watertight type
3)material No.GGC50(DIN1693-73),QT500-7(GB/T1348-1988), 80-55-06(ASTM A536), FCD500(JISG 5502-2001), 500/7(BS2789: 1985).
4)Free charge of design.
5) 3 day pay for ready if the request in stock.
Ductile Iron Manhole Covers Sand Casting As Per Requirements
2.Detailed information of manhole cover
1) Various manhole cover made by GX Foundry strictly conform to standard and free from sand holes, b lowholes,distortion or any other defects
A) Automatic machine lines
B) Molding boards
C) Green sand with hand molding
3)Guarantee: GX Foundry will replace any heavy duty castings that have been properly installed and broken in norm al use,free of charge after receipt of the broken castings.




Technical Process


Ductile iron

ASTM A 536-Gr.60-40-18,65-45-12,80-55-06,80-60-03;

Green-sand moulding
Resin-sand moulding
Lost foam cast
Shell-core cast
Electric-furnace smelting


Grey iron

ASTM A48-No.20,25,30,35,40,45,50;
ASTM A126-Class A, Class B, Class C;
BS-Grade 150,180,220,260,300,350;

Green-sand molding
Resin-sand molding
Lost foam cast
Shell-core cast
Electric-furnace smelting


Carbon steel

ASTM A216-Gr. WCB, Gr. WCA, Gr. WCC;
ASTM-415-205, 450-240, 485-275, 80-40;
DIN- GS-C25(1.0619), GS-38(1.0416),
GS-45(1.0446), GS-52(1.0552), GS-60(1.0558);
JIS-SC410, SC450, SC480, SCC5;
BS-A1, A2, A5;
NF-GE230, GE280, GE320, GE370

Soluble glass sand molding
Resin-sand molding
Lost wax casting
(Investment casting)
Lost foam cast
Shell-core cast
Electric-furnace smelting


Stainless steel

ASTM-CF-8M, CF-8, CA-15, CA-40, 316, 304;
DIN-G-X6CrNi18 9(1.4308), G-X7Cr13(1.4001)
G-X20Cr14(1.4027), 1.4408;
JIS-SCS13, SCS 1, SCS 2, SCS 14A;
BS-304C15, 410C21, 420C29, 316, 304;
NF-Z6CND18.12M, Z6CN18.10M, Z12C13M, Z20C13M

Soluble glass sand molding
Resin-sand molding
Lost wax casting
(Investment casting)
Electric-furnace smelting


Alloy steel

DIN-GS-40Mn5(1.1168), GS-20Mn5(1.1120);
GS-37MnSi5(1.5122), GS-34CrMo4(1.7220);
JIS-SCMn3, SCW480, SCSiMn2, SCCrM3, SCMnCR3;
UNS-J02505, J13048
NF-G20M6, G35CrMo4

Soluble glass sand molding
Resin-sand molding
Lost wax casting
(Investment casting)
Electric-furnace smelting

1. Q: Why choose Shengao product?

A: We shengao have our own plant-- Weifang Shengao machinery Co.,Ltd, therefore, we can surely pr omise the quality of every product and provide you comparable price.

2. Q: Do you provide OEM Service?

A: Yes, we provide OEM Service.

3. Q: Do you provide customized forging products?

A: Yes. Customers give us drawings and specifications, and we will manufacture accordingly.

4. Q: What is your payment term?

A: We provide kinds of payment terms such as L/C, T/T, Paypal, Escrow, etc.

If there's anything I can help, please feel free to contact with me.

Ubicación : Subentry Industrial Park, Qingchi St. Office, Hi-Tech Dist, Weifang, Shandong, China, 261041 Weifang,
Persona a contactar : Sharon Zhao, 86 536 8469256

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Ductile Iron Manhole Covers Sand Casting As Per Requirements

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