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Folding mini laptop cooling pad notebook cooler fan

Name: Laptop Cooling pad Cooler Fan

1.Single Fan to cooling with Blue LED lighting when working
2.unique design of motion,hundreds of ways to change,can stretch out and draw back
3.super thin transparent illuminant fans,heavy winds,effective in cooling(one big fan)
4.used for laptops of various size, blue LED flashing while working
5.can use as a fan when peaple feel hot

Product Name: “Octahedral Rinpu”Cooler Pad
Material: The overall is ABS and the fan use PC transparent.
Function: to cool down for the laptop
Features: Single Fan to cooling with Blue LED lighting when can use as a fan when people feel hot
How to use: 1.Connection with USB line;2.Use the buttion to control;3.Adjust the angle of the legs according to the computer size.
Remarks: 1.The product must be put on the smooth and hard medium;
2.The environmettal conditions shouldn't be in moist and insolation;3.Please don't weigh and strongly impact on the product
Range of application: the samll size laptop,especially for the netbook.
Market range: IT&Dig store;computer accessories and consumable swizzle ;electronics gifts store;promotion or gits etc.
1.Blister+insert 2.OPP+clour box 3.Bubble pack+white box
Related product: USB line
Packing: N.W: 8.6KG
G.W: 11.2KG
QTY 80pcs
Size 32.6*32.6*58cm

Remarks: the color and the logo of the product can be named by the customer

Ubicación : , 518103 Guangdong Province,
Persona a contactar : lily lily, 0086 755 27571962

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Folding mini laptop cooling pad notebook cooler fan

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