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Fully Automatic Bag Applicator and Packing Machine

Precio : 100.00-99999.00 USD

This automatic bag applicator and packing machine has the function of automatic bag suppl ying and applicating,filling and bag conveying etc.The main parts use SIEMENS S7-200 226 controller and SIEMENS touch screen with advanced automation and working reliable ability.It features that big output and easy operation and maintenance, save the labor. It widely used in various industry.The ma chine weighing by load cell and the feeding system are vibrating method with fast filling speed and gain good accuracy. Put the bag into bag storage station, the bag gripper take the bags to filling p ort, and load the bag on the port of bag clamp, at the same time the packing machine has been automa tic weighing well, when bag load on, it will automatic filling.


weighing range: 20-50Kg

suitable material: granule

Power: 10kw 380V±10% 50Hz

weight: 4500kg

packing speed 8-12bags/Minute

Weighing accuracy: ±40g to ±60g

bag material: weave bag,paper bag or PE bags

compressed Air: 0.6-0.9Mpa


1.Machine is fully controlled by PLC& touch-screen.

2.Minute capacity can automatically display on Touch screen.

3.Film transport system and horizontal Jaw motion both driven by servo motor.

4.Safe quick change of tube and collar.

5.Optoelectronics detect film position on collar to correct film excursion.

6.All parts contact with the materials is stainless steel.

7.Electrical photo sensor inducting color code to control bag length.

8.independent temperature adjustment& code printing.

9.Unique Pneumatic Film-Reel locking structure to avoid film drawing deflecting.

10.independent temperature adjustment& code printing.

11.Various types of heating sealable laminated films namely PE/BOPP, CPP/BOPP, CPP/PET, PE/N YLON, aluminum foil based can be run on the machine.

12.Can equipped with hole punching system to puch hole on the bag for handling.


Feeding by elevator (the top bin)Setting the weight on the control panelAuto weighingfilling packingFinished product output (product conveyor)

Operating Principle

1.Automatic scale: The main components are storage bin, vibrating feeders, load sensors, scale hopper, open hopper mechanism, setting required weighing by manual through the control interface, after open the start button, the vibrator from storage bin will sent the materials to the scale (with the sensor on it), after reaches the set value, release the material from the open open hopper mechanism, continue to the next round of the weighing.

2.the control panel: control the machine, start / stop, setting the weight, with a window displays the current weight value.

3.packing machine: The packaging materials (coil) conducted bag, servo motor cross sealing, operation interface is the touch screen, PLC control, all the major components of imports.




Our Services

Before sales

Communicate with customers to ensure that the products design can satisfy customers demand in usage and function. Besides, our company has engaged some senior experts specialized in the soil fertilizer to provide technical guidance to customer.

During Sales

make sure the selection of related materials during production is strictly carried out on the basis of contract. Furthermore, we will guide our customers how to install and adjust machine on site for free and train them how to correctly use and maintain the machines.

After Sales

The warranty period for complete machines (excluding wearing parts) is one year since the contact goods delivery time, providing professional technology support within and after the warranty period and promptly supply spare parts and wearing parts by ordinary price. We provide lifelong technical supports to our customers.

Company Information


1.SANNONG is the members of National Fertilizer Standard Committee, the Holder of numbers of National Patents,the leading corporation for product innovation and technology upgrading in fert ilizer machine industry in china from the day of its foundation.

2.With more than 13 years manufacturing and designing experience with CE and ISO certificates.
3.We are a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturers factory, we can design it acco rding to per customers require. With competitive price, high quality and the best after-sales servic e.

4.We consider quality as the fist and can provide your guarantee

5.We provide customers with process design, equipment manufacturing,installation and comm issioning, with one-stop services.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Ubicación : No. 6 Bohai Road, Development Zone, Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China, 066004 Qinhuangdao,
Persona a contactar : Leah Meng, 86 335 49749449

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Fully Automatic Bag Applicator and Packing Machine

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