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Higiene / salud

HOT sale new product infrared pressotherapy machine

Cantidad : 150pc/mont


Long-term treatment is contributed to physical and mental health. Massage can relax muscles, reduce fatigue, relieve stress, improve body blood circulation, enhance physical fitness, aerobics aging, and prolong life. It can effectively eliminate body fatigue, reduced life, work pressure, promote blood circulation, play hip, cosmetic effect stovepipe ,promote Lymph drainage solve the water problem in the part of body .


1. Shape finger (slimming) and skin rejuvenation.

2. Through lympatic massage and drainage to wake up the activity of cells and relax the w h ole body;

3. Activate the cells and remain them of high-frequency vibration;

4. Soft Infrared heating can reduce excitability of nerves, improve blood circulation, then relieve ache muscle, including: Backing Pain, Sciatica, Sports strains and sprains;

5. Enhance metabolism, increase immunity;

6. Diminish inflammation, detumescence and tranquilization;

Combines 5 traditional physical care in 1
Soft Far infrared carbon fiber heating system
24 air tubes and 4 models with Deep massage
Auto induction safety system , more intelligent

The pressure pad can be dispersed body massage pressure, reducing the contact area with the air, enhance the pressure on the massage area. Wave pressure pad through a regular cycle of alternating charge and discharge gas, and constantly changing pressure areas of the body time to ease the backlog of local organizations continue to promote tissue blood supply, prevention and mitigation of bedsores, can relieve and improve neck nerve, vascular compression caused by a series of symptoms, promote blood circulation, can effectively eliminate the general fatigue, and reduced pressure, The use of this product, can head and neck massage can best help mild cerebral arteriosclerosis, cerebral insufficiency caused by recovery. Far infrared can make water molecules resonance, become independent water molecules (ie two hydrogen and one oxygen molecule points in combination), improve the body's oxygen, cells which can rejuvenate the spirit is more buoyant, more flexible mind. Thus can improve resistance to diseases, aging.

1. Connect the power, plug the power cord into the machine's power outlet; the other end of the power plug into a household power outlet, then turn on the power switch, when the green light on, that means turned on. The LCD shows 2: 00 and mode
2.User can adjust the control panel "mode" to set the mode,
to change the operating mode of treatment.
3.Pressed the button "Start / Pause" to start the machine work, pressed again, the machine paused.
4.During operation, according to the button "+", "-" to set the timing, when the countdown timer shows "0", the machine will stop working automatically, revert to the default state of the machine.
5. Before work, according to the button "+", "-" to set the timing, when the time reaches zero, shows the timer mode, the maximum time is six hours, the machine will stop working automatically when reaches the maximum time,, then revert to the default state of the machine.
6.Before or during working, you can also adjust the button "mode" to change the massage mode.
7.During working, according to the pressure adjustment knob to adjust the pressure.
8 .When start the electric blanket, through the button FIR "stalls" to adjust the working state, from "OFF", "Aoto", "Aoto SET", "1", "2", "3", "4" "5" those 8 stalls cycle. If the SET flashes in Aoto's display, automatic transmission temperature is set , through the botton "+", "-" to set the appropriate temperature. Default 10 seconds to exit the setting temperature.
9.The remote control and control panel buttons are the same, the function is the same as the operation panel.
10.When the operation finished, press the "pause" button, then turn off the power, unplug it when not in continuous use.

Quick Details

Acne Treatment, Detox, Exfoliators, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Revitalizer, Skin Tightening, Weight Loss, infrared mattress, lymph drainage and Correction spine
Operation System:
infrared mattress
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
infrared carbon heating
Massage type:
infrared mattress
Blue , White
4 differents
infrared carbon heating
49CM*45CM*32 CM and 49CM*42CM*21 CM

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: infrared carbon heating pressothrapy machine packaging by wooden case size is 49*45*32 CM and 49*42*21 CM
Delivery Detail: within 3-5 days after received payment

Ubicación : 303Floor, No.15 Building, No.113, the south of Huadi Avenue, Liwan District Guangzhou, 510385 Guangdong,
Persona a contactar : chuangfeng chen, 86 20 81495407

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HOT sale new product infrared pressotherapy machine

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