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Leather cutting machine

Cantidad : 1 set   Precio : FOB Qingdao USD22500

Parameter configuration

Model no. ZX-1625VA
Working area 1600×2500mm(W*L)
Machine size 2410x3355x1215mm(W*L*H)
Operating characteristic Can work offline; 24 hours continuous and efficient working
Safty device With infrared sensors, rapid response, safe and reliable
Max cutting speed 1000mm/s
Translational velocity 1200mm/s
Applicative material

Leather, fabric, PVC, rubber, sponge, sponge composite leather, soft glass, XPE, KT board, card board, adhesive sticker, corrugated paper, honey paper and other flexible materials

Cutting extent Full cut, kiss cut, dot cut
Cutting thickness 0.1-18.0mm(depend on the material)
Cutting precision 0.1-0.3mm
Transmission interface Ethernet
Drive system Imported Servo motor, imported linear guideway, rack drive
Fixed type Intelligent vacuum adsorption
Control panel Liquid crystal display
Standard configuration

hobbing cutting head, V-shaped cutter, drawing pen, red light pointing, automatic feeding

Other optional configuration

vibrating knife cutting head, angling cutter, milling cutter, punching tool, scanner, MARK camera

Working voltage AC 220V 380V±10%, 50HZ
Rated power 11KW

Application industry

1. Automotive trim: foot mat(all-rounded, surrounded), seat cover, steering wheel cover and etc.

2. Furniture product: chair, sofa, footrest, beddings and etc.

3. Clothing and accessory: jacket, wind coat, dress, glove, leather belt and etc.

4. Bag: like portfolio, wallet, suitcase, ipad case and etc.

5. Shoes: leather shoes, leather boots, sport shoes and etc.

Our advantage and servise

1. We are manufacturer, so we accept customization and support machine design for your particular request for different purpose or material and etc.

2. We have professional technician, they can help when you need any technological support.

3. Self-development knife head and purpose made high quality blade realize perfect cutting, and more durable than others.

4. With our patented correction system, cutting more exact.

5. We promise to use the best quality component as we alway do, also support customization.

6. One year guarantee, and life-time technological guidance.

Company profile

Jinan Excellent Star intelligent technology CO.,LTD. is the first company engaged in independent research, produce, market, and after-sales services of vibrating cutting machine in north of China.

From develop the first generation digital cutting machine with our own proprietary intellectual property rights to now the fifth generation, we promote the market demands, fill the void.

And always keep in the forefront of our industry through unseasing innovation.

We promise to offer
the best product for same price,
the best price for same quality.

Ubicación : RM A 412, Qilu software park B, Jinan, Shandong, China, 250101 Jinan,
Persona a contactar : Song Sophia, +86 18615505596

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Leather cutting machine

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