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Longitudinal Welded Perforated Tube

Aka: Perforated Tube, Perforated Pipe, Center Tube of Filter Element

Material: Ss304/304L/316/316L stainless steel, Mild steel, Aluminum, Copper, Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Titanium, etc.

Perforated Tubing Capabilities: High Speed Hole Punching, Cut-To-Length Perforated Tubing

Perforation Patterns: Straight, Centers, Staggered

Seam Styles: Straight Weld, Spiral Weld, Spiral Welded Louvered

Shape of Hole: Round, Square, Rectangle, Oval, Special Shape

Hole Diameter: Various to meet different requirements for tubing strength and filtration

Tube Diameter(Round): 1/4''-12'' (6.35 ~ 304.8mm)

Wall Thickness: 0.5~2.5mm (various types can be customized )

Length: Customized

Features: uniform punching hole, strong anti-pressure ability, can be used as filter frame, big bearing, high roundness, precise filtering capacity.


(1) Protective sleeve for sand control screens

(2) Support core for strainers

(3) Purolator suction strainers

(4) Acoustical dampening

(5) Perforated tubes for oil well

(6) Exhaust tubes, Muffler tube

(7) Filtration / Separation Tubes (e.g center tube for air, oil, fuel, gas filters)

(8) Decorative items

(9) Gas / Liquid / Vapor/ Light Diffusion

(10)Structural Members

(11) EMI shielding

(12) Safety guards

(13) Grills or trim

Ubicación : Room 616, Jinfenghuang Apartment, Zhongshan Road, Beitang District, Wuxi, Jiangsu 214044, China., 214044 Wuxi,
Persona a contactar : Nucky T, 86 510 82801110

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Longitudinal Welded Perforated Tube

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