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LVD Induction Lamps, making fortune for you!

Thanks so much for your attention to the information sent by Shanghai Hongyuan Lighting and Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.

In 2003, Shanghai Hongyuan LVD invented induction lamps. As soon as this global initiative product appears in the world, it caused a great hit, just like “A ripple causes a splash”. However, when Shanghai Hongyuan LVD was ready to keep going at one fling, Osram coveted the wide market prospects and potential of Shanghai Hongyuan LVD induction lamps, and made an unwarranted infringement to intellectual property rights of Shanghai Hongyuan LVD. The lawsuit on Intellectual property had shackled the development of Shanghai Honyuan LVD for up to 6 years. Finally, the Supreme Court adjudged that Shanghai Honyuan LVD won the lawsuit. Though Shanghai Honyuan LVD eventually recaptured intellectual property, the 6-year dispute had made the market in chaos. A lot of small factories emerged one after another. They counterfeited the products of Shanghai Hongyuan LVD, and their inferior product quality seriously disrupted the market order of induction lamps, damaged the interests of the vast majority of users and obscured the true value of induction lamps. Faced with clients' disappointment and doubts about induction lamps, Shanghai Hongyuan LVD has never lost a good business reputation, working hard to restore the market image of induction lamps, and keeping in mind the business reputation is the cornerstone for the development during past 20 years. As the inventor of induction lamps, Shanghai Hongyuan LVD is fully aware that she has the responsibility to solve the problem in this industry, and reset the quality benchmark. Therefore, in 2014 Shanghai Hongyuan LVD proposed “The inventor of induction lamps invented induction lamps again”. It is a new business model, and oriented by the new business trends- E-commerce, with the mode of O2O, a combination of online and offline, carrying on further research and development of new technologies, investing a lot of promotion expenses, offering deep-level service to the market and users.

LVDMALL( ), the e-commerce platform built by Shanghai Hongyuan LVD, will bring unprecedented market experience and high-speed market development for induction lamps. Establishing honest and transparent trade relationship with customers, breaking the situation of brand value not being prominent, transparent brand display will bring customers a real brand value. The public display and clear price tag on LVDMALL will make other small factories not be able to compete with Hongyuan's brand value. On the e-commerce platform, any fake, low quality imitation products will have no loopholes to exploit and no living space. Many aspects of our strengths are as follows:

Massive market information: Hongyuan LVD has built up a sound data base of customers' information. By sourcing and selecting, valuable information of end-users is accumulating into this data base every day. We have been gathering thousands of information about end-users. And this data base will be a great support to our partners. Relying on our e-commerce platform and data base, our partners will win a prosperous market only with effort of providing service to these potential customers. In the meanwhile, partners will enjoy greater benefits owning to short channels. We also invested huge promotion expenses in some platforms, such as Google, Alibaba and Made in China and so on. Together with our large-scale online promotion on SNS like Facebook and linkedin, massive demand information has been fed back continuously. All these information will be provided to our partners as a method of cooperation.

Win-win O2O business model: In 2014, our newly-adopted commerce model of O2O (online to offline) will bring more benefits to partners. A closed business circle being formed by means of online promotion and offline dealing, users in the closed circle keep going back and forth between network and reality, which will deepen customers' impression on LVD brand and enhance their loyalty to LVD. With the help of Hongyuan LVD O2O model and its massive information from LVD data base, we will serve the local market together with excellent partners providing them with huge information and helping them make profits. It's a terrific time as it marks the start of Hongyuan LVD's globalization. Leading to a health development of induction lamp industry with brand, Hongyuan LVD will build an international brand with a long history together with our partners. Besides, with O2O mode, we have an advanced mall platform providing online customer service, series of technology support including assembling video, photometric curve, products instructions and various testing reports. Additionally, we even open a transparent complaint channel to directors of Hongyuan LVD. And all of the above effort is to solve customers' doubts and problems immediately.

Leading technology in the world: In the induction lamps industry, Hongyuan LVD is the only one who treats induction lamp as life-long cause. During the six-year lawsuit on intellectual property right with Osram, there is no new technology in the whole industry. As the inventor of induction lamp, shanghai Hongyuan LVD is well aware of her responsibility. Then in 2014, Hongyuan put forward the idea of “The inventor of induction lamps invented induction lamps again”, and developed and researched new technology once again. The second generation of LVD induction lamp will enter market soon, with major breakthrough in every aspect including: higher lighting efficiency, longer life-span, more stable property, more environment-friendly and easier assembling, etc.

The largest manufactory base: Shanghai Hongyuan LVD has the largest manufactory base of induction lamps in the world, matched with the quality management and control system that can challenge the requirements of Japan. With the most advanced technology and equipment, Hongyuan LVD has the best guaranteed and most fast delivery system in the aspect of mass production. Shanghai Hongyuan LVD always maintains high quality requirements, uses the finest quality raw materials for processing and makes the ideal products, which is different from other factories who manufacture products by saving raw materials or counterfeiting.

High quality guaranteed products: As the latest generation of light source, with a lot of advantages such as long life span, high lumen efficacy, high CRI, instant start, no glare, no flicker, natural light, low lumen depreciation, wide range of color temperature, constant power, strong environmental adaptability, easy to achieve intelligent dimming control, green lighting, etc., LVD induction lamp is the unique one awarded the gold medal of international industrial fair. Up till now, it has already owned more than 100 patents, and has been applied to tens of thousands of global major projects such as Shanghai Nanpu Bridge, Seoul Airport, etc. LVD induction lamp has the unique anti-counterfeit labels in the globe which can track to the original production information of certain product, such as when is it produced, on which production line and by which worker. Even different batches of products can be guaranteed with the same quality standard.

Technology to serve the market: The goal of our innovation is to create value for customers, and customers' requirement is the foothold of Shanghai Hongyuan LVD's technological innovation. In order to better serve the market and get closer to customers, Shanghai Hongyuan LVD's technical team will keep focusing on the development of the market, customers' feedback and suggestions with the purpose to ensure every customer get the full support from the most professional technical service team. Our pursuit is endless, and we also hope you can join us to jointly compose a brilliant chapter in the development of induction lamps cause.

Excellent after-sales service: Our aim - never let your profits waste on losses. Shanghai Hongyuan LVD always regards after-sale service as a business reputation, which is the foundation of Hongyuan LVD's brand over the past 20 years. We do give all-wave consideration to customers. The global after-sale service system made by Shanghai Hongyuan LVD and partners as well as the global service base built in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, not only improve the response speed of service, but also reduce the service cost, and greatly shorten the after-sales service time.

More business operations: We can also provide a full set of conducting tutorials and website program on e-commerce to the partner who has reached a certain level, helping them grow rapidly to become the leader in e-commerce in their regions. When the partners reach a certain level, we could even cooperate with them to create co-brand, supplying assembly parts to their assembly plant, to serve their local market together through value binding.

The 21st century is the era of e-commerce and energy saving. If these two are combined, that will be the era of induction lamps of Hongyuan LVD and you. The opportunity has come, and it is the time to seize it and win splendidly! Let us join hands together to share the achievement this era has given us. Hereby again we invite you to join us. If you have more questions or more detailed requirements, please let us know by e-mail or phone.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Anlia Du
Country Manager
Global E-Business Department
Shanghai Hongyuan Lighting & Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd
No. 5028 Zhennan Road, Shanghai 201802, China
Tel.: + 86 21-5912-8661 ext. 8085
Cell: + 86 130-5200-0976
Skype: anlia.du1

Ubicación : No 5028 Zhennan Rd Shanghai China, 201802 Jia Ding ,
Persona a contactar : Anlia Du, 86 13052000976

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LVD Induction Lamps, making fortune for you!

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