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Mini Float Level Switch

The ultra miniature float switch is a simple and easy-to-use liquid level control element. It has no complicated circuits and will not be disturbed. As long as the material is selected correctly, any nature of liquid, pressure, and temperature can be used. The float switch mainly types include waterproof float switch, stainless steel float level switch, wireless float switch and stainless steel level switch.

Features of Mini Float Level Switch

Lightweight, simple working principle, high reliability and low price.

More than 30 kinds of floats with different materials and specifications are available.

Provide PP, PVDF, NYLON, POLYSULFONE and other plastic materials that can be acid and alkali resistant.

Stainless steel material SUS 304/316 temperature resistance up to 200 ℃; pressure resistance up to 6MPa.

Side-mounted, top-mounted and bottom-mounted are available. The mouth size is M8 ~ M16, 1/8 "~ 1/2", PF / PT / BSP, etc.

The wire is wire or cable, and the material is PVC, XLPE, PTFE.

Special specifications can also be customized.

Specification of Mini Float Level Switch

We can manufacture according to customer's specification like below:

Product Name

Mini Float Level Switch

Contact Capacity


Working Pressure


Output Signal


Working Temperature


Protection Grade



3/8″PF (OEM is available)

Wire Length


Installation Method

vertical installation




3/8″PF (OEM is available)

Installation Method

vertical installation

Application of Mini Float Level Switch

In the fields of sewage treatment water purification, refrigeration equipment, water coolers, drinking fountains, water boilers, dishwashers, household and commercial electric water heaters, chemical liquids, etc., the liquids in containers such as sealed containers, storage tanks, open containers, and pools are separately carried out, the signal is transmitted remotely, on-site indication, liquid level monitoring, the liquid level is controlled by controlling the start and stop of the pump or the switch of the valve, or the high and low liquid level alarm.

The float is close to or away from the switch point in the rod body under the action of liquid buoyancy. When the float is close to the switch point, the magnetic steel in the float is also close to the dry reed pipe in the rod body. The contacts of the dry reed pipe are closed under the action of the magnetic force. On the contrary, when the float is far away from the switch point, the magnetic steel in the float is also far away from the reed switch in the rod body, and the contacts of the reed switch are disconnected due to the loss of magnetic force.

Normally closed (N.C) when the liquid level rises, the reed switch does not conduct.

If you want to know leveling instrument price, please contact us .

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Persona a contactar : Ellen Wong, 86 2157274400

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Mini Float Level Switch

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