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Needle Type Corrugator belt

Needle Type Corrugator belt

Needle Corrugator Belt producted by professional needle machine with advanced technic,According the requirement of corrugated paper board production line,The corrugator belt made of high grade PET fib er & NOMEX fiber to meet the high temperature and high stength.and each belts must be heat-setting a nd chemical treatment to guarantees the stabily size.


Material: PET and NOMAX fiber

Applt Speed: 100-300m/min

Weight: 5.5kg/m2

Thickness: 9.3mm

Width: 1400-2380mm

Heat resistance: 200℃-230℃

Life: 14000h

Price: USD 80-90/m2

Packing :PP bag or wood box, standard export package

Features: High temperature resistance, Aging resisant, Surface even, Stabilizing size, long life time

Main Usage: The Solid Woven Polyester/Cotton Belt is one main special part of corrugated machine automatic prod uction line. Its main function is to ensure that the board transportation and the rapid evaporation of the water in board.

Huatao Wire Belt Factory

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Ubicación : No.298,North Zhonghua Street, Shijiazhuang,Hebei,China, 050000 shijiazhuang,
Persona a contactar : cecilia chen, 86 311 80772027

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Needle Type Corrugator belt

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