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New PDT 7 color photon led light!!led therapy with led light system HK8 led machine

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New PDT 7 color photon led light!!led therapy with led light system HK8 led machine

Work Theory

Photodynamic is cold light which does not create high heat and burn the skin. Through transferring light energy into cell internal energy, soft photon equipment accelerates circulation of cells' growth and stimulates the fiber cell to produce collagen protein. It has unimaginable effects on aging skin, acne skin, skin patches, wrinkled skin, allergies and sun-burnt skin, never bringing any injury or discomfort to the skin.

PDT is a top scientific and technological achievement of the world, which applies photodynamic reactivity to skin treatment and skin care. It is a facial skin care expert, with simple operation and no side effect.


  1. Improve symptoms such as aging and loosening skin,coarse pores and wrinkles.
  2. Improve pigmented pathological changes, such as freckle, sunburn and senile plaques;
  3. Improve sallow complexion caused by bad metabolism or poor circulation.
  4. Renovate damaged skin.
  5. For oil acne skin, it has effects of diminishing inflammation, detumescence and scar elimination.

HK8 working headsHK8_HK8_HK8_

Introduction and effect of light

1 Red: red light with a wavelength of 630mm, high purity, light intensity, the characteristics of uniform energy density. in the skin care, significant health treatment, known as the biological activity of light. Allow increased red cell activity and promote cell metabolism, skin secretion in collagen fiber organization to fill its own, accelerating blood circulation, improve skin elasticity, improve skin complexion, dark conditions, so as to achieve antiaging, antioxidation, the effectiveness of rehabilitation, traditional skin care can not be achieved, for subhealth population characteristics, dry skin, allergic skin. Nursing process is simple and convenient, feeling fit, a smooth and efficient. Main Effects: Whitening, skin rejuvenation wrinkle removal, repair of damaged skin, smooth fine lines, reduce hair, proliferation of collagen.

2 Bluray: Bluray wavelength of 415mm of fast inhibitory effects of inflammation in acne formation, mainly propionic acid bacteria in trouble, but the blue light on the skin in case of no damage, the destruction of this high bacteria, to minimize the formation of acne, and inflammation in a very short time period decreased to cure acne.

3 Purple: is a dual-band red and blue light, which combines the effect of two kinds of light therapy, especially in the treatment of acne and acne prints and has a particularly good effect and repair

4 Yellow: add energy to the skin cells, promote the role of the gland, supporting digestion and skin, enhance immunity

5 Green: a neutral, balanced and stable use, ease of use and stability, relieve mental stress, effective arrangements to clean the lymph and edema

6 Orange light: to gradually increase cellular energy, and have a good role in promoting metabolism.

7 Laser Light: penetrate the skin, speed up the metabolic activity of the organization decomposition pigmentation, improve fine lines and loose skin.

altNew PDT HK8 spa lamp machine with 7 soft light

Before After

Technical Parameters:


AC110V-220V; 50/60Hz

LED Light:


Wave length:


Out frequency:



Red: 630nm

Yellow: 590nm

Green: 525nm

Blue: 415nm

Laser: 694nm

Lights of big lampshade


Lights of small photon handset

21pcs(9 inner lights are blue, 12 round lights are red )



Machine Size:


Package Size:



21KGS / 26KGS

altNew PDT HK8 spa lamp machine with 7 soft light

about us

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Persona a contactar : Yomi Tan, 8602081494207

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New PDT 7 color photon led light!!led therapy with led light system HK8 led machine

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