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Plastic extruder for PP/PE with pigment compounding

Cantidad : 1   Precio : 47000USD~ 9999999USD

plastic extruder for PP/PE with pigment compounding

Features of plastic extruder

1.Very low energy-consumption
2.Quiet operation
3.can process standard-sized granules

4.Self-cleaning capacity

Haisi is the international market and technology leader in compounding systems, feeding technolo gy, bulk materials handling systems and services - as well as being a partner for global corporation s and small to medium-sized enterprises in the plastics, chemicals industries. As an integrated tech nology provider, we use our comprehensive system and process expertise to implement individual solut ions for compounding technology and bulk materials handling. This includes extruders, compounders, p neumatic conveying systems as well as components for bulk material handling.

the production process of color masterbatch:

1.high speed mixer ro premix the pigment and resin,also addictive---2.screw loader used to load the material from mixer to main feeder---3.main extruder ,mainly to melt and shear material ---4.through the die head ,the mateiral become into strand to the water batch---5.water bath used to cool the color masterial---6.the pelletizier used to cut the strand into small regular pellet.

Whether laboratory extruders,high-performance compounding systems or total solutions from the raw material feeding to the entire downstream equipment ,by individual adaption to our customers 'applications we guarantee maximum throughput rates with greatest possible economy and high est quality for our extruders and compounding plants.

Dear friends ,whatever your application is ,we will do our best to satisfied you.

Ubicación : Lishui Economic Zone ,Nanjing ,China, 211100 Nanjing,
Persona a contactar : Lucky Mao, 86 18251824479

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Plastic extruder for PP/PE with pigment compounding

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