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Juguetes / diversiones

Plastic toys

Use magic blocks to build houses, build tables and chairs, do roadblocks, make pots, but also as entertainment building blocks toys
Magic block can develop space imagination, human body kinesthetic, logical thinking, creative construction ability, practical ability, patience, attention, material safety no smell.
With the imagination to create new things, you will not be interested in it? Hand can create oh!
Magic block system is easy for companies or individuals to quickly create large object using a series of magic blocks, we design and manufacture of the sale of the block, is to build some of the global agent network and dealers.
The simplicity of design and construction is the core of the company's view of the world, and we want it to make it easier to use people's imagination and love to create new objects or things. Can be stacked and combined to build any shape, like our childhood toys, which can enable us to express ourselves and realize our creative vision.
The idea of a block of magic allows designers and inventors around the world to build their dreams and goals in the economy, you are building a limited to their first two of the imagination.
Magic blocks can be built out of anything, whether it is modular furniture, room partition wall, stairs, road blocks, or even temporary housing, without using any tools, adhesives and other equipment, one person can complete the construction manual. The articles built can be easily applied to different styles of space and use.
Magic block not only can be used for entertainment can also be used for large projects, but also can be arbitrarily disassembled repeated use, both convenient and environmentally friendly.

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Plastic toys

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