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RTV electronic-pouring sealant

Precio : USD 25

Before The Curing

Performance Indicators A B
Appearance Gray Fluid White Fluid
Viscosity 1500~2500(cps) 1500~2500(cps)
A: B 1: 1
Mixed Viscosity 1500~2500(cps)
Operable Time 30~120(min) (Adjustable)
Curing Time 3~5(h)

After The Curing

Hardness 40~50(Shore A)
Dielectric Strength ≥20(kV/mm)
Dielectric Constant 3.12(1.2MHz)
Thermal Conductivity ≥0.6[W/m.k]
Volume Resistivity ≥1.0×1014(Ω·cm)
Specific Gravity 1.56±0.02(g/cm3)
Flammability Rating UL94 V-0

20kg/set(A10kg+B10kg), packaging with bucket.



Widely used in various types of electronic
components, play the role of heat conduction, fire retardant, waterproof.
Powr Equipment Power Supply Junction Box

Powr Equipment Power Supply



Can be used in harsh environments for a long time

The silicone sealant has the performance of superior
high and low resistance, excellent insulation, high
stability with thermal oxidation and ozone. It can be widely usesd in aerospace, automotive electronics, office equipment, construction and so on.

Effectively prolong the service life of electronic components

Silicone sealant has superior thermal conduction and
bonding not only can fixed the
electronic components, make heat transferring to the
heat sink, to prevent overheating of electronic
components to avoid resulting in break down,
which can improve the service life.



Our company is committed to providing superior solution about

silicone rubber for customers,we have long-term cooperation with

many famous customers of industry and listed company.

Ensure a higher stability of power supply
Improve safety factor of power supply
Improve water-proof performance
Resist the erosion of natural environment



Preparing: Stir completely A and B in each container,
MixingA and B should be fully mixed according to the weighting ratio. Add B to A. Stirring(stir the glue dedicated blade) and mixing. Note that: should be mixed thoroughly when mixing the wall rubber of container into the plastic material.
De-airing: after mixing which should vacuum degassing for 1-3 minutes.
Potting: The mixture should be poured into the product as soon as possible, in order to avoid thickening and resulting in poor fluidity.

Curing: Heat curing or at room temperature curing. The higher the temperature, the quicker curing . The temperature is low, the curing time will be extended either. In winter, it will take a long time to cure, so suggest that heating curing. It is cured for 15 minutes at 80 ° C ~ 100 ° C, about 12 hours at room temperature.



1、The mixture should be sealed and stored in a dry environment at room temperature, and should be used as soon as possible, to avoid wastage.

2The product don't belong to dangerous goods, but avoid contacting skin and eyes.

3、The product is non-toxic, has good physical inertia without stimulation and harm. The product does not contain flammable and explosive ingredients which will not cause fire or explosion without special requirement for transport.

4Stored for a period of time, the plastic may be layered. So please stir well before using, and can't affect its performance.

5、The following substances may hinder the curing or cause the phenomenon of not cure, so it is used after simple experiments, and need to clean the site of application if necessary.

A, incompletely cured condensation type silicone rubber.

B.amine (amine) curable epoxy resin.

C. ash welding (solder-flux).



1、20kg/set(A10kg+B10kg), packaging with bucket.

2、1 year shelf life if stored below 25 ℃, when the product passed its expiration date, it should be confirmed without abnormal phenomenon, then that can be used.

3、These products don't belong to dangerous goods, so they can be transported as normal chemicals. But be careful of leakage.

Ubicación : Room 1206, Science Avenue 97, Luogang District , Guangzhou City, Guangdong, China., 523220 Guangzhou,
Persona a contactar : jiang selina, +086 0769 88888312

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RTV electronic-pouring sealant

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