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SIMCOM LTE module SIM7250E FDD LTE module suppor TCP/IP/IPV4/V6 Multi-PDP,MT PDP eCall

SIMCom presents an ultra compact and reliable wireless module SIM7250E which is based on Qualcomm MDM9225 multiple-mode LTE platform. SIM7250E is a complete multi-band LTE/HSPA+/HSPA/UMTS/EGDE/GPRS/GSM/GNSS PCIE module designed with very powerful processors integrating application core: ARMv7 Cortex? A5(1GHz), dual Telecom core (Up to 500Mhz), Cortex-M3 core, allowing customers to benefit from small dimensions and cost-effective product solutions with low power consumption in high-speed Download and upload.

General Features

* Five-Band LTE-FDD B1/B3/B7/B8/B20

* Tri-Band UMTS/HSDPA/HSPA+ B1/B3/B8


* GPRS multi-slot class 12

* EDGE multi-slot class 12

* Output power

- UMTS 800/900/2100: 0.25W

- GSM900: 2W

- DCS1800: 1W

* Control Via AT Commands or Gobi API

* Supply voltage range: 3.3V

* Operation temperature: -40 to +80

* Dimension: 51*30*4.75mm

* Weight: TBD

* LTE FDD/Rel-9 Cat4/Rel-10 Cat4 including Carrier Aggregation


* HSPA+ DC-HSPA+,Rel-10


* GNSS gpsOne Gen 8B;standalone;assisted,XTRA;

Specifications for Data Transfer


- Uplink up to 50Mbps,

- Downlink up to 150Mbps


- Uplink up to 11 Mbps,

- Downlink up to 42 Mbps


- Uplink/Downlink up to 384Kbps


- Uplink/Downlink up to 236Kbps


- Uplink/Downlink up to 85.6Kbps


Other Features

* USB Driver for Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista

* USB Driver for Win7/Win8

* USB Driver for Windows CE/Mobile

* USB Driver for Linux 2.6/Android

* USB Driver for MAC

* RIL supporting for Android/Windows CE/Mobile

* Automatic installation

* Linux API SDK

* Firmware update via USB



* eCall Ready

* Jamming detection support

* Gobi SDK to the Win7/Win8/Linux

* Source code of the PC manager of the device for reference


* PCI Express Mini Card

* USB 2.0





Ubicación : , 235 New Taipei City,
Persona a contactar : Vince Lai, +886 2 8221 6389

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SIMCOM LTE module SIM7250E FDD LTE module suppor TCP/IP/IPV4/V6 Multi-PDP,MT PDP eCall

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