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Tianneng Start and Start-stop battery is complied with major international standards, like DIN, JIS, SAE, EN, GB, and etc. Our SLI lead acid starter battery can effectively take care of your moment on board. With higher cold cranking amperes(CCA), you can start your journey at any moment; the large reserve capacity(RC) of this series can even take care of your entertainment time when you stop your vehicle. These start-stop batteries combined with EFB and AGM technology relatively are specially designed for frequent starting situations in crowding transportation, which is extremely suitable for premium cars. With the characteristics of great starting power, capability for more on-board consumption, and adaption for frequent start and extended service life, our sli lead acid battery for start and start-stop will be a dependable companion for your journey. As a professional lead acid battery supplier, Tianneng Group can provide you with consistently high-quality SLI lead-acid batteries at great prices. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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TA Series-JIS/DIN/BCI Auto Battery

Adhering to the JIS, SCI, DIN, and EN standards with super cranking power which ensures dependable start in cold weather, TA series of SLI lead-acid battery is well-known for its excellent corrosion-resistance performance and great vibration resistance. Having a long service life and lower internal resistence, TA SLI battery is highly suited for cars, trucks and tractors.

TAS Series-EFB Start-Stop Battery

The TAS Series keeps consistency with JIS standards with super cranking power which ensures a dependable start in cold weather. This series has excellent corrosion-resistance performance in high-temperature conditions and great vibration resistance. This kind of SLI battery has a longer life and lower internal resistance, which is highly suited for cars, trucks, and tractors.

TAA Series-AGM Start-Stop Battery

The TAA Series applies AGM technology to achieve maintenance-free and maximum vibration resistance, with flexible installation in position. This kind of SLI lead-acid battery is not only a stater battery, but also works as an on-board power supply battery due to braking energy recuperation design. The series constitutes the optimum solution for luxury and premium vehicles due to its extraordinary performance in cycle endurance, charge acceptance, and starting power.

What Does SLI Stand For In Batteries?

The term SLI actually stands for starting, lighting, and ignition. Thus, as the name suggests, SLI lead-acid battery, or the so-called starting battery, is normally used for automobiles. And with the development of the relevant technologies in recent years, the SLI battery is found to be holding better performances compared with traditional batteries. It can not only work more stably at a wide temperature range but also have the advantages of high current discharge, low internal resistance, and ultra-long life with a cycle life of more than 100,000 times.

What Is The Difference Between SLI And Deep Cycle?

SLI lead-acid battery is mainly used for car starting, lighting, and ignition, but also for other purposes such as ship, generator starting, the product is characterized by the instantaneous supply of large current, but should not be deep discharge; The deep cycle rechargeable battery is mainly used for power, energy storage, and standby purposes, such as electric vehicles, solar energy storage, traffic signal lights, and other scenarios. Different from SLI lead-acid battery, the deep cycle battery is characterized by the ability to provide a continuous and stable current, deep discharge cycle performance is good.

SLI Or Deep Cycle?

Having different characteristics as suggested above, SLI lead-acid battery and deep cycle lead-acid battery are normally used for different occasions. While the SLI battery is normally used for automobiles like cars, trucks, taxis, and so on, you can find the existence of the deep cycle ones in e-scooters, e-tricycles, wheelchairs, etc. Thus, rather than simply drawing a conclusion over which battery is better, it is better to choose SLI or deep cycle battery in line with your actual needs. And as a professional chinese lithium battery manufacturer, Tianneng can provide you with high-qualuty SLI batteries and deep cycle batteries with consistently good prices. Feel free to contact us at any time!

If you want to know more about what is a sli battery, please visit our website.

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