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Swimming pool cover

Cantidad : 1 set

1)100% environmental-protection green products, no scentless, no poisonous and recyclable many times , no pollution to environment. It's the best material which replaces PVC/PMMA/FRP and etc.

High light transmission, transmission can reach 90%, it can prevent the resin fatigue or yellowing c ause by sunshine. The transmission keeps 12%-90% upon different color and thickness. Beautify decora tion and building, advertise lighting box.

2)Good ability of Anti-UV, coated micro 50 anti-UV layer can prevent the damage of UV. It can reflec t the UV and exchange UV into visible light, good function for the photosynthesis of plants and vege tables.

3)Excellent Fire-Retardancy, non hypergolic, Chinese Standard GB8624-97, no dark smoke, without fire drop non poisonous gas.

4) Excellent Impact-resistance, the impact strength of solid sheet is 250-300 times of common glass, 50-100 times of toughened glass, 25-30 time of PMMA, used widely for anti-explosion & anti-theft sy stem, called “Anti-Bullet Glass”

5)Good ability of anti-wind, 3.0mm polycarbonate solid sheet can prevent typhoon of ten class, espec ially for awning, carport, bus station and etc.,

6)Durability, it can prevent the resin fatigue or yellowing cause by sunshine. It can be used for mo re than 10 years by using bayer PC raw material.

7)Excellent heat-insulation & thermal-insulation, polycarbonate sheet can efficient saving energy co st, decrease the temperature gap indoors and out of door, especially good for agriculture greenhous e, souterrain and etc.,

8)Excellent material for sound-insulation and efficient noise reducing, reduce -20db by using 3.0mm polycarbonate solid sheet, the best material for room partition, expressway sound insulation and etc .,

9)One of best material for waterproof and anti-static, low permeability for liquid(Rain and Snow), g as, steam and smell, widely used as anti-static material in electronics.

10)Energy saving, excellent protecting and energy saving of built-in lightings, increasing lifetime for lightings, save cost.

11)Excellent weather ability, non deformation within the temperature of -40℃ - +120℃

12)Light weight, it is easy to handle and make drills, installation, the sheet may be break easily d uring installation by cutting, can be cold bent directly.

13)Easily tooling & cutting, special size can be cut by machine/knife directly.

14)Beautify decoration and buildings, widely used for buildings, skylight, lightings, advertisement, it is a new-generation products extensively recommended and praised by decoration and industrial ci rcles.

The video of actual sample for your reference:

Ubicación : Nanhai district, 582000 Foshan,
Persona a contactar : Sally liu, 86 757 85625960

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Swimming pool cover

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