UC Headset

As a professional telephone addasound headset supplier, we offer addasound products which are specially designed for professional users in call centers and offices who would like to have the best hands-free device while experiencing superior noise-canceling, crystal clear voice transmission, all-day comfort and great durability.

If you have interest with uc headset definition,we will tell you the detail different about headset uc vs ms and ms stereo vs uc stereo.

Epic 301-302: Entry Level UC/USB Headsets For Office

EPIC 301/302 headsets provide the customers with outstanding noise canceling and audio experience in contact centers, open offices and home offices where UC platforms are deployed. Busy light indication allows the customer to concentrate on the work more efficiently. Epic 302 has stereo sound which delivers richer audio quality, ideal for phone calls, music and other multimedia. With the arrival of EPIC 301/302, the customers could get a comfortable, durable and easy-to-use UC USB headset, laptop uc headset, uc certified headsets, uc wireless headset, uc bluetooth headset at an affordable price.

Technical Specifications

Directional headset active noise cancelling microphone blocks the unwanted background noise to transmit the clear and natural sound

Lightweight memory steel headband, rotatable ear cap and flat foam ear cushions for a comfortable fit

Robust design and high-quality materials withstand intensive daily use

Plug and play, easy to set up and fast to deploy

Convenient call management including call answer/end, mute, volume+ and volume-(Call answer/end only works on Skype for business)

A busy light indicator shows the working status and prevents unnecessary interruptions-(Busy light only works on Skype for Business

DSP (Digital Signal Processing) for clear voice communications even in a noisy environment

Stereo sound for the binaural headset (Epic 302), ideal for calls, music and multimedia

Compatible with most leading UC platforms

ADDASOUND's headsets follow the International Noise Safety Standards and help create a safe and comfortable work environment.

Check Out Addasound's Advanced Noise Canceling Technology

Originated from Denmark, a country that leads the world's sound technology, ADDASOUND is a global leading provider of voice solutions and unified communication devices.

ADDASOUND's products are designed and engineered in Denmark by a reputable team and now distributed all over the world. The professional team is enthusiastic and highly skilled in the industry. ADDASOUND always tries to provide the customers with the best experience of voice communication and guarantees the highest standard of reliability and quality.

Ubicación : Skalhuse 5, DK-9240 Nibe, Denmark, 9240 Denmark,
Persona a contactar : Vict Den, 45 72 628 628

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UC Headset

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