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Wireless call bell button/Pager/Table buzzer/Service bell

  • Product description: 3keys completely Waterproof Wireless table service call bell for Hospital Tea House Bathroom Health Club Swimming Pool Beach


1. Working Voltage: DC12V

2. Working Current: <35mA</span>

3. Working Frequency: 433MHz±75K

4. Transmitted Distance: 800m in open area

5. Color: White-Red /White-Green / White-Yellow

6. 3button: Call,Bill, Cancel

6. Water-proof: Yes,100% water-proof

7. Matched Receiver: all Plum Blossom series receiver (LED screen or watch)


Wireless calling system could provide the in-time service for customers in every situation. It has easy installation, and beautiful features. It could promote the image of service situtation.

Wireless calling system could solve the traditional reception problem, when the guest press down the button, and the servant could read from the watch or LED screen that which guest need help, and he could go to the table immediately and avoid that the servants going around in the restanrant, and creat a more confortable situation for the guests.


1. Call button, installed on each table

2. Wireless receiver(LED screen or watch), installed on the count, or wore by hand

3. Signal repeater(optional), enhance the signal


1. [Q] What is the distance that this wireless calling system be able to work?
[A] it depend on the real surroundings, normally it is able to work about 1000m in free space, but building or other factors can impact the distance greatly.
You can add a repeater to enhance the signal to make this calling system work well in longer distance.
You also can give us your surrounding information, we will evaluate it to advise if need to add some repeater or not.
2. [Q] So many calling system, how to select one fitted for me?
[A] Give your requirement, our expert will answer immediately and give you some advice about how to select the right system.
3. [Q] Are there any interference among different calling system or between calling system and other communication device?
[A] No worry it, there would not any interference since we apply encryption technology in this system.
4. [Q] How to register the call button into the receiver?
[A] Two ways:
- you can provide your detail requirement, what is the code for each call button.then we will asist to register all these button into the receiver before shipment. Once you receive this system, it can be able to work well, what you need to do is to install them where you want. (For example: you have 3 rooms, whose door number are 222,666,888. You bought 1receiver and 3 button,Give these information to us, we will register these 3 door number into the receiver. Then when you get the goods, no need to do any operation, they can work well.)
- we would not do any register before shipment, when you get them, you can do the register by yourself ,getting help from the product manual. If meet any problem, we will guide you by skype,Email or telephone.
Actually, it is easy about registering ,no worry.
5. [Q] How long is the battery life in this call system?

[A] normally, it is 12Months.

Our pager sells well in world markets: USA,Australia,Argentina,France,Germany,Denmark,Korea,Janpan,Canada,Bra zil... .

More questions, no hesitate contact us:



QQ: 44249274

Ubicación : Zhejiang Province, China, Hi-Tech Zone, Ningbo, 315500 Ningbo,
Persona a contactar : Malcolm Lin, 086 13777264589

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Wireless call bell button/Pager/Table buzzer/Service bell

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