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Product Description

The long-awaited high precision desktop engraving machine.
Simultaneous 3-axis interpolation meets the needs of users including precise engraving and modeling.

The desktop engraving machine ME-II Series provides advanced functions, e.g. 3D modeling with 3-axis interpolation, and a sensor is installed for controlling engraving depth.
To match necessary workpiece size, three different machine sizes are offered.

  • Plotting and cutting commands are installed.
  • Various CAD data are supported.
  • Three different machine sizes, A4, A3 and A2-plus.
  • Servo motors are installed to X, Y and Z axes and deliver high torque and precision engraving.
  • Wide range of applications including name plates, control panel covers and prototype making.

Three different sizes for various applications

ST type for hard materials


Maximum engraving area: 310 x 220 mm (12.2 x 8.7")


Maximum engraving area: 483 x 305 mm (19.0 x 12.0")


Maximum engraving area: 650 x 440 mm (25.6 x 17.3")

A cutter (Φ6.0) is able to engrave hard materials.

Cut out letters, letter engraving, modeling and many cutting methods are available with knives and end mills up to Φ6.0 mm.


ME-300STII Maximum engraving area: 310 x 220 mm (12.2 x 8.7")
ME-500STII Maximum engraving area: 483 x 305 mm (19.0 x 12.0")
ME-650STII Maximum engraving area: 650 x 440 mm (25.6 x 17.3")
Maximum Engraving Area 310 x 220 mm (12.2 x 8.7") 483 x 305mm (19.0 x 12.0") 650 x 440mm (25.6 x 17.3")
Maximum workpiece thickness 50mm (2.0")
X-Y Axis Maximum Speed Engraving 60mm/sec (2.4"/sec)
Moving 80mm/sec (3.1"/sec)
Acceleration Engraving 0.05G
Moving 0.3G
Mechanical Resolution 0.5μm
Z Axis Maximum Z stroke 60mm (2.4")
Maximum speed 30mm/sec (1.2"/sec)
Mechanical Resolution 0.25μm
Spindle Maximum rotation 14,000rpm
Spindle Rotation 7000-14,000rpm
Maximum Material Weight 20kg (44lbs)
Command MGL-IIc3*1、MGL-Ic1*2
Receiver Buffer Size 27MB
Interface USB2.0, RS-232C
Power Requirement AC100V-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 450VA or less
Operating Environment Temperature: 5-40ºC, Humidity: 35-75% (Rh) No condensation
Certifications VCCI class A / RoHS
Dimensions (W x D x H) 540 × 630 × 530mm (21.3 x 24.8 x 20.9") 785 × 750 × 530mm (30.9 x 29.5 x 20.9") 880 × 960 × 530mm (34.6 x 37.0 x 20.9")
Weight 50kg (110.2lbs) 82kg (180.8lbs) 95kg (209.4lbs)

*1 Dedicated command that supports HP-GL and CAM-GLIIMODE2.
*2 Dedicated command that supports GP-GL.

Standard accessories

Name Item number Quantity / Volume
Clamp SPA-0019 2
Spanner 14*17 1
Spanner 10*12 1
Plus driver No.2-100 1
Heagonal wrenches AWS-0770 1
Double-sided tape MP-NO.532 ハバ=8 1
Power cable 100 V 1
Grounding adapter 15A/125V AC MP-YL-212 1
Operation manual 1
Warranty certificate 1
Desk tray Hubo-1200 1
Dust cleaning hose ASSY 1
Engraving cutter ST 0.4 SPB-0010 1
Engraving cutter holder ST Φ6 SPA-0021 1
Dust cleaner (Large) SPA-0015 1
Dust cleaner (Small) SPA-0016 1
Brush for spindle motor SPC-0024 1
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • All trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
  • Installing and training of the product are available at additional costs.


ME-300STII Maximum engraving area: 310 x 220 mm (12.2 x 8.7")
ME-500STII Maximum engraving area: 483 x 305 mm (19.0 x 12.0")
ME-650STII Maximum engraving area: 650 x 440 mm (25.6 x 17.3")
Ubicación : Jl. S. Parman No.211 Medan, 20112 Medan,
Persona a contactar : Heru, +6281278075053

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